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Index.html: Introduction and linkage point for all other pages.
        Whatsnew.htm: A review of all new items included in the current release.
        Mel_illness.htm: About Melinda's Illness.
                Mel_tribute.htm: A tribute from Melinda's Dad and others.
        Mel_page.htm: About this homepage.

Melinda1.htm: Information on cancer.

Melinda2.htm: Contacts for CancerKids.

Melinda3.htm: About me.
        Mel3_1.htm: About my family.
        Mel3_3.htm: About my friends.
        Mel3_4.htm: About my hobbies.
        Mel3_5.htm: My favorite books and things.
        Mel3_6.htm: Camp Goodtimes.
        Mel3_7.htm: Canuck Place.
        Mel3_8.htm: Where we live.

Melinda4.htm: Fun and games.

Melinda5.htm: Stuff for caregivers.

Melinda6.htm: Special thanks.

Melinda7.htm: Questions and answers.
        Mel_gnom.htm: About the Fuzzy Gnome.

Melinda8.htm: News articles.

Melinda9.html: Happy picture days.

Melinda10.html: Melinda's site map.

Gbook2008.html: Introduction to Guestbook.
        Gbook2004-2007.html: Guestbook for 2004 to 2007.
        Gbook2001-2003.html: Guestbook for 2001 to 2003.
        Gbook1998-2000.html: Guestbook for 1998 to 2000.
        Gbook1997.html: Guestbook for 1997.
        Gbook1996.html: Guestbook for 1996.

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