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This page can help you save some time when searching for information about different types of cancer (described in both normal English and in doctors English), about symptoms, about various treatments and treatment centers, and about some of the research that is currently being done in the field of childhood and adolescent cancer.

If you are part of a new diagnosis, I suggest that you start with "Cancer Resources" (below) in order to decide if you really should be doing any research at all. If you decide to continue, then choose a link such as the "The Cancer FAQ" which is an excellent starting point, or the "OncoLink" site which is a definite "must visit".

All of these resources can lead you to even more resources, so you are almost certain to find the information that you are looking for. There is far too much information to absorb in just one day, so take your time, print and read what you find, then plan for your next search, and do it.

NOTE: If you can't find the information you require by using this page, go to my Information For Caregivers page and learn how to conduct your own custom search of the Web.

NCSS Cancer Resources A really great cancer information source.

Oncolink OncoLink Another five star cancer information source.

PDS PDQ Cancer Database (Physician Data Query) A superb resource for caregivers and physicians.

FAQ The Cancer FAQ A vast array of cancer information and resources.

US Library US National Library Of Medicine Takes a little digging, but the info database is A1.

Canadian Cancer Canadian Cancer Society A excellent place to start.

Canada Candlelighters Of Canada A "must visit" support and info site.

USA Candlelighters Of America The very first site to contact my homepage.

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