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If you are new to the Net, this page can answer some of the questions that you might have about web access, safety, etc. We will also try to provide you with sources for some worthwhile software that you might want to use as your WWW skills improve.

Safety Child Safety On The Internet The name says it all ...

Search? Searching The WWW How to search for info not included on my Homepage.

Google The Google Search Form The biggest and fastest of the search engines.

Alta Vista The Alta Vista Search Form If you can't find what you want on Google, try this one.

Yahoo The Yahoo Search Form If you can't find it in Alta Vista, try here.

Crawler MetaCrawler This super search engine scans ALL of the Web for the info you want!

E-Mail E-Mail Basics How To Send And Receive E-Mail

Page A WebPage of your own?

Tucows Tucows Software No time to go to the store? Buy software on-line!

Download Cheap Software Not much money? Download shareware from here.

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