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Over the past few years we have had many requests for pictures of Melinda when she was younger and/or in one of her happier times (not that Melinda wasn't happy most of the time). This page answers those requests.

newborn Melinda  Melinda Newborn and about 2 years old  Melinda at 18 months

Melinda - Mother
Melinda (at about 18 months) being a mother to her brother Michael.

A young Melinda Melinda 3 years and older at 6 years  Melinda in pink

Melinda with tuba Melinda with Baritone and as a Guide.  Melinda Guide

Melinda's friends
Some of Melinda's friends gave her a 15th birthday party in 1996.

Melinda with Santa Melinda with Santa and her birthday cake  Melinda cake

Melinda ready to go to Disneyland

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