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This page answers some of the questions that I get asked all the time. My Dad also uses it to answer a few of the questions that he is often asked. The questions that he has answered are marked with a blue question mark (I made him put them at the bottom of the list!), while the ones that I have answered are marked with a pink question mark (you guessed it, they are at the top of the list).

What happened to that blue person who used to be at the top of your homepage?

Click HERE and I will tell you all about the blue gnome.

Why do you always write Cancer Kids with capital letters at the front?

I do that because all Cancer Kids are very special people going through a very difficult period in their lives, and they should be recognized as such.

Where did you get your dog Lucky, and why is he so small?

A few years ago, my Mom and I went to Winnipeg for the 100th birthday of one of my very best friends. The day we got back, my Dad took us and my brother Michael to see a little surprise. The surprise turned out to be a local dog breeder and Lucky, who was only 5 or 6 weeks old, 10 inches long, and weighed just over 1 pound when we got him. Because we traveled a lot to Michael's car races in our motorhome, my Mom and Dad wanted a small dog that wouldn't need a lot of space, and Lucky was the perfect choice. He was so young when we got him that he bonded to us very strongly, and he now thinks that he is our three year old boy in a dog suit, and not a real dog at all!

Why did you take up car racing when you were so sick?

One of the main reasons that I started to race was because, when I first suggested it, nearly all of the people at the track and at the hospital said that it would be impossible for me to drive a race car. That just made me more determined to do it. When I went out for my first race, many of them were a little bit upset, and many of the others just couldn't watch. But I just put the pedal to the metal and went as fast as I could. After I accidentally flipped Jamie Fauht upside down in his car, they tried to get me to retire from the race, but my friend Neon Leon quickly repaired the damage to my car, changed a tire, and pushed me back out. After that, they talked about giving out little stickers to all the drivers in my races saying "I survived a race with Melinda!"

How can I tell which sections of your homepage were written by you, and which were written by your Dad or your brother David? They all seem to be written in a similar style.

My brother David hasn't written anything for the homepage. He is our technical helper when we get really stuck, and he looks after the site where the homepage actually resides.

My Dad has always been a good writer, and I guess I just picked up some of his writing habits during the years when he helped me with my homework, and when he taught me how to use a computer. Everything that I write is edited by my Dad, and everything that my Dad writes is edited by me. Then my Mom re-edits everything again (sometimes several times) before it actually goes up on the Homepage. This way we all agree with what goes onto the page, that what we say is true, that it is spelled correctly, and that it is technically, medically, and ethically correct. If a section sounds like it was written by me, then it probably was. If it sounds like it was written by an old person, then blame my Dad!

Now here are some answers from my Dad.

Is it OK if we send money to help Melinda and her family?

We thank you for your concern, but our family's vision of Melinda's homepage and our strong ethical beliefs prevent us from accepting .ANY. financial contributions. If we are unable to return any such contributions directly, they will be forwarded in your name (or anonymously if you choose not to provide your name) to either the Canadian Cancer Society or to The Children's Wish Foundation Of Canada.

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