Gudrun, Live, Black      Gudrun Gut

Gudrun Gut, (Germany) led the all women Berlin rock group Malaria. An original member of the ground breaking industrial group, Einstürzende Neubauten, and as a solo punk decadent sound artist, Gudrun was at the centre of the Berlin grouping critics called Die Geniale Diletanten (The Genius Dilettantes). From the mid-80s to the early 90s, Gudrun headed the Berlin women bands Matador and Madame Bovary. In 1988 Gudrun founded Moabit Records, a company dedicated to producing unconventional work by women. Moabit has some 13 releases to date. In recent years, she has composed several scores for film and radio drama. In 1991, Gudrun began working with Canadian, Myra Davies on an interdisciplinary project that became Miasma. Gudrun's newest project is The Ocean Club. The first CD, recently released (Intercord/Alternation Rec), called Members of the Ocean Club, features her music with various vocalists, including Anita Lane, Inga Humpe, Myra Davies, and Blixa Bargeld.

Myra, Live, Just as black      Myra Davies

Myra Davies, (Canada), is an art historian, former gallery curator, lawyer, writer, critic, dance and theatre producer, video artist, and always an anthropologist. In the mid-80s, Myra mentored early Skinny Puppy in Vancouver, thus brought Neubauten to Vancouver, thus visited Germany by invitation of E.N.'s Mark Chung, and so came to live and work in Berlin with Gudrun Gut.

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