(a mini-Hörspiel)

by myra davies & gudrun gut

on KODEX Ton Kunst, Sampler Number 4 Also on this CD: Laibach, Leather Strip, Clock DVA


New and Upcoming Work

Gudrun Gut's other works

Currently in release and available in Europe, via INDIGO Musik, Hamburg, and mailorder direct from Moabit Musik: PO Box 620 349 / 10793 Berlin, Germany

Malaria Compiled Cover Malaria "Compiled"

CD/MC compilation of old Malaria releases, Moabit 006/7

Malaria, Cheerio Cover Malaria "Cheerio"

CD, new recordings, 1993 Moabit 11

 Matador, Sun Cover Matador "Sun"

CD Normal Records

Also available

  • Malaria "Delirium" CD/LP with remixes from Dr.Motte, Westbam, Sun Electric

  • Matador "Ecoute" MC/CD Moabit 08/9

  • Hamletmaschine (EGO Records, Berlin)

    Music : Einstuerzende Neubauten

    Hamlet : Blixa Bargeld Ophelia : Gudrun Gut

    Ego Records Web site

New and Upcoming works

  • Gudrun Gut / Anita Lane : Yadi Yadi - First Ocean Club single June, 1996
  • Gudrun Gut / Blixa Bargeld : Die Sonne - second Ocean Club single January, 1996
  • Gudrun Gut and Members of the Ocean Club --- to be released 1996

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