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Miasma's web site was produced entirely via email between Myra Davies ( in Banff ) , Gudrun Gut ( in Berlin ) and David Hathaway ( in Vancouver ) , during November/December of 1995 . All work copyright protected by it's owners.

New material has been added to the site during August/1996, including some new reviews and new pictures.

This site is pretty Netscapistic, but has been checked with Mosaic 2.0 and MS Internet Explorer. Best viewed with a default width for Netscape, 65K of colours and a dark room.

Special Thanks to Bob Elliott (for great ideas, troubleshooting and input), the cats for the warmth in the lap, and Annette for keeping David fed and happy. And, Myra and Gudrun for deciding to have a site... The site was "composed" with various music running, mainly Miasma for proper motivational therapy, XTC for initial changes, The Police's "Shambelle" for testing and The The (infected and mind bomb) for final tweaks.