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To get your band listed here...

This might be one of the simplest things you may ever do on the internet. Send me some email at cmusicadmin@monkey-boy.com . If you can, send the email with a subject of "ADD", and you'll get a nice spiffy autoresponse back... A simple note, I need the URL (http:yaddayaddayadda/whatever.html) and the band name. I occasionally update the pages as soon as I get the email message, although, I make every attempt to have a separate life away from the net, so it may up to a week or two at times. If the address changes, please try and send mail to let me know...I don't usually ask nor require a link back to this page, although it's always appreciated. The same applies for businesses involved in Canadian music, and, if you want, you can send a one line description as well.


is this list located?

It runs upon the mighty server at www.electric.net, based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.The domain name is a long story, but I call it home. Feel free to check out some of the other pages on this site


maintains this madhouse?

As mentioned on the front page, I'm David Hathaway. I've spent many years playing guitar with many people in many bands. I also happen to work for an ISP, so I spend quite a bit of time on the internet. I also fly a lot of kites (another web page), have a lot of cats (yet another web page), a lovely wife, 4 computers, a Strat or that collect too much dust, and some spare time. This page is a free service, done simply for the fun of it. It was started Dec/1994, because after seeing one of my favorite bands, (The Bourbon Tabernacle Choir), I found out that they had a web page, and I didn't know about it, thus inspiring the idea of compiling this list. The bands listed have either emailed the URL to me, or I came across it in alt.music.canada, or I have stumbled across it while out on the net. I typically do NOT pillage thru Euphony/CME/CMI and add all the bands that are listed, for one simple reason (well, ok, a couple) 1] The links to these sites are already within my business section, 2] it's a waste of my time, that becomes more valuable daily, and 3] any band listed within those sites that asks, gets listed. No animals were harmed in the construction of this web site, except for a few cat's feelings.


else have you done?

Occasionally, I have been know to write web pages for bands or people for various different reasons, usually because they like my work. I haven't included every site that I have worked on into this mini-list, just music specific ones. I typically don't have a lot of free time and I charge money for such work, but if you are a band/musician looking for a web page, I might be able to accomodate you...


This project grew out of an email request to design a web site, from the ground up. This sort of request usually piques my interest, because I get to think and create, something an internet tech support guy doesn't get enough of some days...I'm REALLY proud of this site, it's taken an awful lot of work

Miasma Site

The Four Tunes

My first foray into "for-hire-html", this is a friend's web site for his acappella band located here in Vancouver. He now maintains this site. Groovy band, I'd rescan the images if I had a chance.

The Four Tunes

The Shademakers

Hell, this friend doesn't even have a computer yet! The Shademakers



some of my favorite non-canadian web sites