spiffy xmas lites
spiffy xmas lites

let it snow!

A Christmas note from The Hathaway Household

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N o special plans for Christmas this year - certainly no trips to the snowbound prairies! (Although Vancouver's storm was part of the reason we couldn't fly home last year!) Our only plans are lots of good food and company, and reading the cards and seasonal wishes all of you will be sending us, of course.

(david's notes…david thinks that going to Pam and Maurice's for christmas dinner is pretty special...)

Pam, Maurice, David and Annette, on vacation in Oregon

W e both kept quite busy this year. In July, I began a one year leave of absence from my job at the Canadian Mental Health Association. I thoroughly enjoyed being a "lady of leisure" for the rest of the summer (put in my first garden) then buckled down to the books. I've decided to work on getting a degree in General Studies at Simon Fraser University, so I started out with a couple of courses this fall to whet my appetite, and will go on to full time studies next semester.

Annette and a very big KITTEN (black panther) in Oregon
D avid still works (and enjoys it) with The Electric Mail Company, where he gets his fill (if that's possible) of computer "stuff". For fun, for those of you who don't know, David is an avid kite flyer. Any day in Vancouver that it isn't pouring or snowing (what?!) he's out looking for a breeze to get those babies in the air. Speaking of babies, they do seem to breed (the kites that is) - last count, there was approximately 15 of various shapes, colors, sizes, and purposes. Purposes you say? Apparently you don't just pull them behind you anymore - in fact David is learning how to fly indoors! Yes Virginia, the world of kites has grown up enormously, and David has so many, Santa Claus doesn't know what to bring him.

(david's notes…Kites do breed within my kite bag…15 is merely a guess as it would take some time to get them all out and counted. Different kites for different winds and flying styles, all unique. Of course then follows the zillions of different line sets as well…If anyone has a school gymnasium I could borrow for some indoor flying, please let me know…)

Half of the collection...Oregon again!

A s if that wasn't enough to distract him from the net, Roots Roundup got together again, released a CD called Rootrospective, and did a reunion tour in parts of BC. Their true fans showed up to boogie in Nelson, Rossland, Victoria, Roberts Creek, and of course Vancouver. I only got to see one show in Vancouver, but it was great - danced all night!! Wherever I look in the house, if there isn't a kite in the corner, there's a guitar or an amp.

(david's notes…However, there is not 15 guitars or amps at this point…One interesting sidenote to that tour, when I used to be in Roots Roundup, I was seven years younger. It took the better part of a week before I had physically recovered from those 8 shows…It would appear that Roots Roundup is now out of retirement with some shows planned for next year as well. Obviously, I never learn…)

aging guitar guy...

I n August we spent 10 days driving the length of Oregon with our friends Pam & Maurice. We had a wonderful time (who couldn't with all those beaches and incredible views), searching for the perfect margarita, bought more kites, and almost got a tan.

Pam and Annette beside a very flat tire on David's car...
Pam and Annette, snoozing on Rockaway Beach...
O ur three four-legged children are still alive and well (although we are almost single-handedly keeping a certain vet in business), and send their furriest wishes of the season to you all.

Pixel, November/1997

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spiffy xmas lites