The Chimp.Cam Image Galleria

Below is a smallish collection of various shots that have found themselves onto the over the last 10 months or so that I have been running it. If you happen to see me doing something particularily stupid, feel free to email evidence to me at and I will include it in a future update...

Click on any of the pictures for a larger version...

More monkey goofiness Flying a Rev 1.5 on Oahu's North Shore
Pixel, an occasional feline cam cat... Your rarely humble host!
The monkey tower of power, last fall's amplification for the roots tour The highlights of yet another 95 install!
my statement on man's inhumanity to man and the tragic struggle of the spirit attempting to soar, bound by the harsh realities of a repressed world. the paper represents the empowerment of the common human thru cash. I call it "bag on desk with cd and receipts underneath" a monkey and his two babies, Fender Strat on the right, custom Larivee on the left
The work desk with all of the screens up...note Newton between the NeXT and the notebook... a monkey and his Revolution 1, at Vanier, here in Vancouver
Taunting palm trees in Hawaii More palm tree fun!
Looking cute on the Sunshine Coast, start of the Roots tour, Nov. 98. Note ever present kite bag... With Jeremiah, checkin' out the in "jeremiah was a monkey, was a good chimp of mine..."
More kites and more monkeys! Vanier AGAIN! hello, this is the attitude dept, monkey-boy here...

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