A couple of years ago, a good friend introduced me to the world of kites. Since then, kiting has become the monkey-boy's number one method of relaxing...well, two if you count sleeping. Anyways, having amassed more than a few kites by now (and, always looking for more), in the process, I have come across quite a bit of information on the 'net regarding kites as well. So, below, check out some of my kites stuff, and, some work from others on the 'net too. Enjoy, and good winds...

My personal collection/arsenal of kites, most with pictures. Also a few of my favorite "shopping" places are listed, 'net connected and not 'net connected.
Some basic flyings tips, places to fly, things to join, tricks to learn.
The "you can get me any of these kites for Christmas List".
A larger list of kiting resources on the Internet

[binary.illusions] [the.surreal.thing] [technautica] [sites of note] [sites of note] [pop culture] [discreditation]