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Melinda's Home Page REQUIRED reading! Melinda passed away quietly and peacefully, with her entire family around her. I can't even begin to thank those around her that have helped her through her illness over the last two and a half years...Melinda thanks you as does our entire family.

Welcome to a new home...For the last couple of years, my sites have been run within Wimsey/iSTAR servers. Now, they are hosted by my employers, The Electric Mail Company. Very little changes with this particular change, except that I get to live on a very lightly loaded T1 connection, on an Apache web server that isn't doing much else This site is purely for pleasure, experimentation and personal projects. While there are other sites hosted here, it's strictly a non-profit endeavour, provided for the entertainment and amusement of others. Feel free to peruse the many links, features and otherwise. Please send any comments, criticisms, kudos, flowers, money RAM or otherwise to David Hathaway, CEO of

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