Here is some 4 TUNES feedback...

oJessika Diamond is a friend of the 4 TUNES as well as an a cappella enthusiast extrodinaire. She is a true leader, mover and shaker in the a cappella community. Following are excerpts of her review of the 4 TUNES' April '96 concert at Vancouver's Glass Slipper Club, published in the May,1996 issue of the Contemporary A Cappella Newsletter:

"On a typical, rainy, April 23rd, the 4 Tunes took over Vancouver's Glass Slipper and made it their own for two hours of sheer vocal artistry. Perhaps knowing what was coming, just before the group hit the stage the sky cleared for the first time all day and sunlight streamed into the windows of the club.

I have the 4 Tunes CD, have heard the tape of their hit 1995 Vancouver Fringe Festival show, 4 Ever Paisley, and had flown down for the show, so after a year of anticipation had thought I was prepared for what I was about to see. I wasn't.

Nothing describes the 4 Tunes repertoire better than "eclectic." They opened with Blue Moon, dabbled in Jimi Hendrix, Bach and Nova Scotian folk songs, and closed with the Lion Sleeps Tonight.

The 4 Tunes aren't given much to flashy choreography, but even though I like that kind of thing, I hardly noticed it wasn't there. The subtle choreography of hand-gestures and nods, matched with the obvious enjoyment on the part of the singers, made the show exciting and drew the audience in. Even those who were obviously quite familiar with the group.

They spice up their show with props, audience participation and humour, including a stop "in the dairy section" (but you'd better be quick to duck the flying Kraft slices).

Group members also take turns being Diana Ross. There was a vote at the end of their Supremes medly as to which member had been the best Ross-inpersonator; my vote, as with the majority of the audience, was for bass David Sobolov. You've never heard Diana Ross until you've heard her belted out by one of the truest basses around.

They bring unique interpretations to the songs we all grew up - whatever your generation (or century), it was represented that night in the music they sang.

The highlight of the evening, for me, was Hold Your Hand, a 4 Tunes original by alto Katrina Bishop. It's my favorite 4 Tunes song, reminiscent of the best in East Coast Celtic-style Canadian music. From the opening notes of the haunting ballad to the very last, it was paradise to sit in the front row and soak up that beautiful song. Judging by the looks on the members' faces, they knew as well as the audience did that on that song, they were ON.

If you're anywhere near a 4 Tunes show, make a point of checking it out. If you are capable of enjoying good music, you won't be disappointed."

oMaureen Douglas, Director of Festivals and Events, Whistler Mountain Resort:

"Happy New Year and thank you for two fabulous performances at Whistler's First Night Celebrations. You braved some tough conditions... and still presented extremely entertaining and high-spirited shows.

The particularly diverse audience from babies, to teenagers right through to grandparents all enjoyed your presentation filled with great repertoire, entertaining shtick and impressive musical talent.

Thanks again gang. I look forward to seeing you as part of the 1995 Whistler Summer Festival."

oDeborah Bennett, Artistic Director, Vancouver East Cultural Centre Family Series:

"It was my pleasure to book the 4 TUNES for a January 1995 performance of the Vancouver East Cultural Centres' SATURDAY AFTERNOON LIVE Kids series. They gave an exceptional one hour performance which delighted that all ages (6 months to 60) audience.

The 4 TUNES are a fantastic a cappella group who performed a set that combined music from various genres in an amusing and educational manner. They were extremely professional to deal with from a presenting point of view, and the concert was outstanding. I highly recommend them."

oPatrick Roberge, Fair Entertainment, Pacific National Exposition, Productions Division:

"... I would like you to know how much I appreciated your efforts on behalf of our entire team. The Juke Box Boppin' Tonight production (with the 4 TUNES) was a solid addition to our entertainment program at the PNE.

Your talents were appreciated by thousands of guests... Until next time, I wish you continued success."

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