The 4 TUNES' Programming:

Please remember that the4 TUNES are extremely versatile. They will happily tailor a show to meet your needs, budget, audience or venue!

The Full Concert:

A 4 TUNES concert is 90 minutes of great entertainment for everyone. A unique (and sometimes eclectic) mix of musical styles makes the show bright, fast-paced and unpredictable. You'll hear a cappella versions of well-loved songs by Bach and the Beatles, Johnny Cash and The Supremes. And let's not forget the folk, jazz, and spectacular 4 TUNES originals such as "Hold My Hand", "The Lusty Young Smith", and "Hopped Up on Caffeine". All this is delivered with good-natured wit and an impressive vocal style and blend that you won't forget.

School Programming

"The 4 TUNES' All-Vocal A Cappella School Show":

The 4 TUNES have performed in hundreds of schools for many thousands of students all over British Columbia. 'The A Cappella Review' is a 'How Do They Do It?' show and is appropriate for kids in kinderrgarden all the way up to grade 12. Attention will be paid to concepts such as vocal ranges (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) and how they interrelate to perform a wide variety of musical styles. Part singing, unisons and other textures will be illustrated. Close attention will be paid to the concept of singing to imitate musical instruments (a la Bobby Mcferrin).

Educators who want to know more about the 4 TUNES' school show can look at a study guide by clicking here.

If you would like more information regarding availability and fees, or have any questions at all, e-mail the 4 TUNES at

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