What's Going On?... By Tim

Last updated on March 15th, 1999...

Greetings, and thanks for looking at our newly tweaked web-site. I'm figuring right now that if you are reading this you most likely fall into one of two categories: those who know the 4 TUNES and want to catch up, or those who are new to us and are looking for the basic info. Welcome, all, and look no further!

Old friends will know that things have been pretty quiet with the 4 TUNES for the last couple of years. (You'll see that if you look at the group bio...). There is a perfectly good explanation for this and his name is Dexter. You see, Susan and I had our first child in April of 1997 and well... lemme tell ya, those wee critters tend to consume your time and energy!

At about the same time we said a fond farewell to David Sobolov, our former Bass singer. David wanted to go on with his TV and cartoon voice career and has since done VERY well! After a geurilla warfare-style audition process we welcomed Doug Austin into the bottom slot. He's been singing with us for about a year and a half and we think that he's the ginchiest!

Since then the group has continued to work in the Vancouver area, performing school shows, Christmas gigs and other bits and pieces on a reduced schedule. We have also been rehearsing new original songs. We anticipate recording a new cd sometime in the future and are currently creating new music and looking at funding options in order to begin the project. This ain't gonna happen any time soon.... but it is gonna happen!

Last November I was invitied to go to Edmonton to judge the Northern Harmony a cappella competition. It was a great show and all the groups were talented, making the judging procedure quite difficult. Calgary's Heebee Jeebee's were the prior champs (as well as the Pacific Nothwest Harmony Sweepstakes winners) and put on a great show as the hosts. The winners of the evening were Voce. They deserved it, being one of the more entertaining and musically excellent groups I've ever seen. In other Canadian a cappella news, our pals, the Euphorics, (the other Vancouver-based a cappella group!) released an excellent CD this year and then went on to win the San Francisco Regional Harmony Sweepstakes. Great work and congrats to all. It looks like a bumper year for Canadian A Cappella.

The 4 TUNES will be performing more actively over the next year (I hope!!). Watch this space for up to the minute information. That is.... as long as Susan and I don't get pregnant again. :}

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