The Compact Disc...

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The 4 TUNES full length compact disc is called "The 4 TUNES - Unsung Heroes of Song" and on it you'll hear a variety of great songs served up as only this wacky foursome can. There's rock 'n' roll standards like "Teddy Bear" and "The Lion Sleeps Tonight", as well as a rousing version of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" for you country fans. There are also cool TV themes like "Star Trek" and "The Jetsons" along with the Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby". The 4 TUNES like to write their own songs too, so on the disc you'll find the rollicking "At the Comicshop" and the haunting and poigniant "Hold Your Hand". Plus much much more!!!

To hear the 4 TUNES, grab this nifty a cappella rendition of Star Trek (1.2 meg, 55 seconds)

If you would like to know more about the 4 TUNES, would like to order the CD, or if you just want to chat, e-mail the group at

You can also order the CD through the Primarily A Cappella Catalogue.

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