song texts


in this house, in this house
no feelings can
didn't i warn you
come on baby, oh baby
this one's for love
no lucky mascot of desire to save
no rewards
free at last

it's me talking, talking
we have a secret
the price was high we couldn't pay
not enough heart
let's make it clear, try to heal
the scars
we don't need to watch between commercials
for something to swear by
free at last

come on baby, come on baby
this one's for love, no charge
for a warm lucky mascot of convenience
nothing to save, no rewards, just talk

in this house, in this house
the're no feelings left at all
we have a secret, it makes us sick
to fall apart
it's me talking, i warned you
the rat traps lie of love
in this house, free at last



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