song texts


hello my friends, my friends in folly
my friends in folly, babes in arms
come now to sleep, with a bedtime story
our former glory, safe from harm

hello my friends, my companions of sorrow
the tale of today is the tale of tomorrow
a good time was had by all
then came time for the fall

the horn of plenty is stuck on empty
empty, this is all there is to know
the well's run dry, it's full of sand
take my hand
take my hand
it's time to go

all over the world, where greed was king
like the fools we were, we kissed his ring
wars were lost and wars were won
just for fun
and oh how his crown glittered in the sun

so come boys and girls, let me put you to sleep
with a tale of a world where the rivers ran deep
the grass was green and the trees were tall
then came time for the fall



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