Me, Myself And I

Oh where does the time go anyways? 10 years this summer (2005) I picked up my first kite. 9 years ago I picked up my first Rev and I haven't put it down (for the most part) since then. I've spent so much time flying only Revs that I am now guaranteed to crash your dual line if you foolishly place it in my hands (Nothing against them of course...) . Some of the things I have done over the years?

Off and on over the last 7 years, I've gone down to the Washington State International Kite Fest and helped Revolution teach people how to fly Revs. Its rewarding (well, most of the time) fun, and I highly encourage teaching people yourself when you can. Usually, you'd be able to catch me flying at Vanier Park, in Vancouver, BC. Or, at some of the festivals in the Pacific Northwest.

Current Revs

Well see if I can think of all the Revs that I currently own...I'll get pictures too soon

I'm often interested in Revs up for sale, your best bet is to email me with some pictures. I'm aiming to build a stack of 1s or 1.5s sometime soon...

Besides Rev flying, I spend time in two bands, one of which is now 20 years old, Roots Roundup, and a newer band, Dubfreque, a pure ska/dub/reggae band.

Ya, ok, fine, I don't manage to compete very often do I? My intent is to fly much of the 2006 season in Experienced, so, ha, we'll see how that pans out won't we? Keep coming back, with a little luck, I may even add to this page.

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