A New addition to my kite bag, a Synergy Deca A1. Due to the "fire-dye" sail (limited edition, 18 of 54) dyed by "High as a Kite", i thought it was worthy of a couple pictures all on it's own... The kite itself is produced by "GuildWorks" in Beverly,MA. The standard production models are produced by INVento and distributed by Nova Design Group.

Click on any of the pictures for a larger version...

A close-up, detail shot of the gorgeous sail on this A1 Top view. Note the incredibly complicated bridle. Woe to the person who decides to retie their own...

Synergy Decas are somewhat different to fly than Revolutions, being FAR more symetrical with respect to forward/backwards flight, although your average rev flier can get the hang of the differences pretty quickly with a bit of patience. In my experience, the single biggest adjustment is merely being a bit more subtle in your hand movements.

The view from the front... and behind...

Much like the Rev, line lengths are identical between top and bottom line sets, although the handles are basically even, much like the symetrical nature of the kite.

Two shots of the Deca A1 in flight Both flight pictures taken at Vanier Park in Vancouver, BC.

There are about as many different Deca variations as there are Rev variations. I also have a Synergy Deca Zero Wind and I find it to be an excellent indoor kite. Also, the "really big" Great Deca has been used to great success by various indoor champions over the years, Curtiss Mitchell in particular. Further information of Decas can be found at the Nova Design Group's web page, located at http://www.novadesigngroup.com/

And, two shots of a lovely Deca 15 that I do not own. YET. Both taken at WSIKF in Long Beach Washington

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