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Stop the presses!

Summer Arrives In the Pacific Northwest!

ok, ok, another long break, but, truly, summer in the NW has beem dreadful, its rained pretty much thru all of May, June and the start of July, so, its been just recently that I have gone out and gotten some flying in, which always manages to remind me that its time to send a REVisions out the door...

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And, of course, if you'd like to submit questions, stories, ideas or
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On with it...


And, as Becky has been bugging me for eons to get this article out the door, we'll start with hers...

From: "Becky Gruebmeyer" 
Subject: REVisions - REVisions submission for you :)
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 1999 15:47:02 -0800

Alright, I have stared at the quadfoil I have for almost a year because it
seems to be easy to fly my dual lines than to untangle the lines for the
quad from the mess they arrived in.  I have a rev I have borrowed from a
friend that I have yet been able to get in the air...tho after speaking to
David, having the handles right side up instead of upside down would make
a world of difference. :)  I have been an avid dual line flier for 2 years
and have also conquered the world of fighter kites until mine flew away (whole
other story hehe)and now I am ready to enter this unique world of quad
flying.  Being that I started in dual lines, some of the concepts of quad
flying just are not sinking into this blonde head of mine.  Maybe some of
you can help me (Penny, David, whoever else!)  My understanding is that
the handles must be with long metal part down and short metal part and padding
up, correct?  Now, how do I get the kite in position to launch without it
falling over or flopping around uncontrollably on me?  What hand movement
do I need to do to get it in the air?  Once I learn to go up and down and up
and down, how do I get it to turn without crashing it into the ground?
How do I launch it again once I have crashed it without having to walk to it
every time I crash?  Whew...dual lines seem so easy compared to this!
Anyone close wanna give me flying lessons?!  Oh..and another
question...what is the difference between flying a Rev and flying a quadfoil?  (Is this
list open to hearing whining if I can't figure it out? hehehe) I guess that
would be about enough to get me to at least go out to the field with the Rev and
attempt to decipher how four lines work and which way the spars go on the
kite in attempts to maybe get it in the air for once.  Can't wait to hear
back from this wonderful list!  Maybe I need to write a "Diary of a Blonde
Rev Newbie" to document this feat of mastering this unique world.  Keep in

Becky Gruebmeyer

"Let your spirit fly free..."


Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 07:43:00 -0600
From: Ben Webster 
Subject: REVisions - rev 2 in sydney

Im in Sydney Aus for about two month and I brought the rev2.  Time to
learn how to fly it.  Do you know anyone in this area that knows this
kite and can give me some pointers.
Also, I got a new set of laserpro gold lines.  They are sleeved but im
wondering if I need metal swivels at each end?
Your comments appreciated

(Ed. Note : I'm -sure- there is someone on this list who could help this guy out a bit...  I have only ever seenn swivels on earlier Revs, and, I removed them from mine, tieing a pigtail to the ends to get a tie-point for the sleeved lines. The swivels just add a bit of weight, so, they can be left on or off. Me, I am always in search of a lighter kite...)


From: "Joel Walton" 
Subject: REVisions - Rev 1.5 Vented
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 1999 23:00:28 -0700


I saw your web site and was wondering if you know anything about the Rev
1.5 Vented model. What wind speed is it make for, and most of what is the
minimum wind it will fly at?  I can't seem to find this information at the
Rev Site.

Joel Walton

(Ed Note - Well, the current vented equivalent to the original vented 1.5 would be the SLE 1.5 which has a vented model. I'd assume similiar wind performance to the "normal" 1.5s that are vented, thus, I take mine out at around 15 mphs and on up, usually deciding to call it a day after about 25 mph, tho my Deca A1 is fine in that wind, just very very fast...)


From: "Bill and Elizabeth Johnson" 
Subject: REVisions - Hello David
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 23:36:58 -0700

My name is Bill Johnson.  I'm a kiteflyer living over the border from
you in Anacortes, WA.  I saw that you were thinking you ought to have a
Deca 15 in your bag.  I just bought a close-out of the HQ version from
YikesKites for $175 US.  Don't know if that's of interest to you, but
the full price ones come directly from the manufacturer (Marc Ricketts?)
otherwise, as there seems to have been a falling out with HQ.  Thought
you'd be interested in hearing.

If I ever got to Vancouver, would you be able to show me a few tips on
flying?  I own a Rev 1.5 and II, plus the new Deca.



( Ed Note - I'm always interested in helping people to fly quads, so, yeah, if you are up in the area, I am usually foudn at Vanier Park here in Vancouver, now that the weather has cleared up. If you can, give me some advance notice and I'l ensure I am down there. I really do need a Deca 15 sometime soon, so, I'll check those prices out, tho, I think his sale may be over... )


Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 19:03:25 -0400
From: Bill Arduser 
Subject: REVisions - Add me to REVisions list, please?

    Could you add me to the REVisions mailing list?

I recently got a zero wind Great Deca. It's a great kite. Nothing that big
should be able to fly that slowly. It seems to defy gravity.

I have no Revs at all, but would like to build myself an indoor Rev clone.
I'd welcome any information that I can get on this topic.

Bill Arduser

(Ed Note - Argh! Yet another Deca I really want! )


From: "Franconi, Mervyn" 
Subject: REVisions - Rev pictures
Date: Thu, 3 Jun 1999 13:39:56 +0200

 Here are some REV pictures from South Africa,  Johannesburg - All home

(Ed Note - These pictures are now in the Gallery. Very lovely Revs indeed!)


This in from rec.kites, it was SUCH a great article, its here in posterity with great contributions from all people involved...

Sam Ritter wrote:

> I've found that 4.5 ft gives the best performance on the Rev I stacks.
>      Longer train lines will give you more power,
>      Shorter gives you better control.
> Longer handles are good to a point.  with long handles, you use your forearms
> a lot more.  The very long handles -- longer than 12 inches are good for light
> winds.
> for big winds, don't use anything longer than the rev graphite stack handles.
> For the Rev II stacks, I would suggest 3 ft. train lines
> For a 1.5 stack, I would start in the 3.5 to 4 ft. range.
> For a progressive stack, the train lines will end up being different lengths
> depending
> on the position of the train line.  i.e.  the center line will be a different
> length than the
> wing tip lines and thes will be different than either of the vertical lines.
> As for the number of train lines, I would recommend one at each bridle point,
> with
> the only exception being small Rev II stacks with 3D line sets attached, where
> you
> would only do 4 lines(at the verticals).
> Milage may vary
> Sam Ritter
> Penny & Steven Lingenfelter wrote:
> > Hi Eric, Hi Jean,
> >
> > Never thought to tweak the back lines shorter.  Sounds like something to try.
> >
> > Those long throw handles,  or SUL Handles are the best way to go.  They do
> > take some getting use to.  They do make everything easier, including stack
> > reverse. Their even good with Rev II's!  And they are much easier on your
> > wrist. Which helps people with different types of wrist problems, as well as
> > preventing kite fanatics from developing any of them.
> >
> > As far as line lengths... from a lazy everyday kinda flyer.  I just use  "5"
> > points.  Even lines.  Experiment between 12 & 3 ft., though somewhere in the
> > 5-7 ft. range is pretty good.  They say to have the stack lines at least 1/3
> > the length of your leading edge.  I've seen  (and flown)  all sorts of stack
> > lengths so I think it's what works for you.
> > Good luck!
> > BB
> > Penny
> > Flying like I mean it~ Laser Pro Gold
> > Flying the best~ Revolution
> >
> > Jean Lemire wrote:
> >
> > > Hi Eric, hi folks,
> > >
> > > Revolution makes handles that are longer than the Rev. I handles by a good
> > > two inches.  These are mostly used in low wind but our team use these all
> > > the time on our Rev. 1.5 SLE.  It makes the kite more sensitive since hand
> > > movements are amplified more with the extra length.  This may solve your
> > > problem.
> > >
> > > Wind or no wind, fly for fun :-)
> > >
> > > Jean (Johnny) Lemire of team S.T.A.F.F. from Montreal, Canada.


And From my favorite Italian Rev guy...

From: Bruno Bonino 
Subject: REVisions - Revisions

Hi Dave, beautiful site, I learned a lot from it... but, how can we
revitalize it? Probably the problem is the time, maybe we can use some form
of immediate question-answer?
Bye bye

Bruno, you bring up a great point...

To the list in general, any ideas on how to make REVisions a bit more "active" ?

Bruno's idea of turning it into a "full" mailing list is one route to take. Basically, if someone sent a message to the list, it would go out to the list immediately as opposed to waiting for me to get motivated to put a digest together.

I'm of two minds with that idea. One, it relieves me of having to compile digests, thus easing my conscience too, but, on the other hand, Insta-email mailing lists often suffer from spam problems, petty arguments, subscribe and unsubscribe pleading, well, and, if any of you are on lists, you know how it gets some days....

I had also considered making the REVisions Web site into an online discussion site, that may be more workable as well.

Comments please from as many subscribers as possible? Thanks!  I'll take a consensus and let ya all know.


Date: Thu, 1 Jul 1999 11:06:40 EDT
Subject: REVisions - SUBSCRIBE

Your site looks great. My 1.5 SLE is probably my second favorite kite in my overstuffed kite bag, after my Benson OS. If I'm going on a trip, to a soccer game, to a family function, or anywhere, I think there will be room to fly, I take my Rev and 30ft & 75ft set of lines. The Revs are the ultimate travel kite. (Of course, if there is room, take all of your gear. You never know when you might need to put on your own mini kiting festival)


(Ed note - I like yer attitude! I try and always have 2 Revs in the car with me in the summer, an SUL II and my usual 1.5 with the SUL bridle, and, two similiar lines sets to your choices. Its versatile, I can fly almost anywhere, in any wind.)


Representing the UK office...

To: "REVisions" 
Subject: REVisions - Change of email address for Revisions.
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 1999 23:48:52 -0700

Hi Dave,
I have been offline for a while, but would now like to get back on the subscription list for Revisions.

Couple of items to add on the gossip front.

Pairs Quad is really taking off in Europe, expect to see more quad pairs soon.
latest to join are Mark & Jeanette Lummas (Double World Champions with Sky Dance)  great ballet routine.  Mark is also competing in Indi Quad for the first time.  Expect to see and hear more from him, he's a good Rev flyer !!

Sky Dance the Double World Champions have formed a display team.
The original 4 (yes 4 they always had four members even if only three competed [Ian Webb didn't compete]) members have been joined by Simon Dann since 98, Geoff Strangeway since 99 (Current UK Champion in Team) and it looks like Andy Phelps (Ex In4Mation & Flyboyz) will come online shortly.
They already have a 4 person Quad ballet, Pair Quad ballet and various Indi displays (Simon & Ian)  PLUS an outstanding 5 or 6 person quad display  (look out Decs, Sky Dance are coming...)  To complement this they are looking to get new sails and are looking at colours and designs at the moment.

You can expect to see a lot more of these as they produce some amazing displays, still some fine tuning to do but these guys will work hard at it.

Regards Simon.

(Ed. Note - Wow, talk about a note that got me all psyched up...excellent quad conditions in England lately or what?)


And that wraps it up, except for my babbling, but, I'll keep it short for now...

Anyone heard much about Revolution re-releasing Rev IIs?  Dan at Gone With The Wind made some remark on his site recently about a new shipment of Rev IIs...I'll keep you posted if I hear anymore. Personally, I'd kill for a vented Rev II, I still have fond memories of flying Penny's at World Cup and that was almost two years ago.

And FINALLY, summer has arrived in the Pacific Northwest. I spent the last two days flying my brains out down at Vanier Park. Despite somewhat light winds, it was just what I needed.

A few things to watch for on the web site, I now have a camcorder and I am contemplating filming some Rev footage for use on the web site, using a Real Video format. SO, soon, when someone says, well, what does a rev flying look like, there will be a way to show them...

Ta ta for now, and the next REVisions will be much sooner...


"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."
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