REVisions 2.05, December 6th, 1998

From: David Hathaway  
Subject: REVisions - REVisions 2.05 

And so this is Christmas....well, close to it anyways...

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On with it...


Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 07:53:36 +0900 
From: Allison Robin  
Subject: REVisions - hi from down under 

Finally a Rev shockwave reached our shores and i had a fly. I have been
hearing about the new Rev for soo loong. It was light winds so the kite was
not flying super fast, which is great, i was flying on short lines and
wondered what the kite would do if i tried to 3D it. Very interesting
manouvers I
could get the kite to float around the sky almost from side to side in the
window but following it around the sky and keeping the tension off the lines.
As soon as i headed away from the kite, tensioned the line, kite was again
under control..very unusal. Are some tricks this kite can do that the
standard revs cant? 
 I was flying a shop Demo i have to save and buy one of my own, I
am sure 
I can never have enough Kites.

I also got some indoor Rev flying happening in Ceduna a small country
town in Great Australian Bite. There was Huge tent in which the BBQ was
being held. It amazed some of the locals that kites can be flown indoors
without wind. Was great fun and i would reccomend it to you all.

Have Fun...I always Do!

 OzomozO   Allison Robin

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(editors note : I'd say that there is quite a few tricks that Speed Series
Revs can do that the "standard" ones are either incapable of, or, not that
great at. Personally, I can't do any them, but...I did try the Supersonic
on 15 foot lines last March in Hawaii and had mixed results, I thought it
felt like a tank on such short lines, but, I had also been flying a II SUL
all day long beforehand...comments from others?)


Date: Tue, 13 Oct 1998 14:35:55 -0400 
From: Peter C Hugger  
Subject: REVisions - Rev Handles 

What is the general consencus out there? There are two basic Rev handle
sizes - Regular (short) and UL (long). When I switched from the regular
to UL on my 1.5 it was a major improvement. I tried the ULs on the
Supersonic and it was pretty bad. I now use the following:

Rev II          Regular
Rev 1.5         UL
Rev I           UL
Supersonic      Regular

What is everyone else using?


(editors note : I seem to go back and forth, but, in general, I use the
handle configs shown above)


From: Ames Harold FCC  
To: "'dh'"  
Subject: REVisions - RE: Mailing list 
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 1998 15:02:14 -0500 

I was asked to give my thoughts on the difference between Revs and TC

Well, Revs slide sideways and Ultras do not, at least as far as my skill
level is concerned.  This is because the Rev is flat and the Ultra has

Ultras can be flown on dual lines, Revs cannot. On a personal note, I have
flown my Ultras on dual lines but alas I do not usually fly my Ultras on
dual lines because I have an extensive collection of dual line kites that do
a lot of cool stuff.  For you Rev owners out there, just try to do a rising
fade with a Rev.  Can anyone out there do it?  Please tell me how to do it.

I like the upside down hover my Rev does better than my Ultras because it is
rock steady where my Ultra takes more attention to keep the kite in one

About control handles, I threw my Rev handles in the trash after I got a
pair of TC's Ultra handles.  They are about 3" long than the Rev's and have
a built in winder (less stuff to loose at the beach).  Because they are
longer they require less input from the pilot to get the same output from
the kite.  It's a mechanical advantage thing.  I use them for bolt stiles of
kites, but when I use them for the Rev I have to lengthen the bottom lines
by about 1.5".

I can't do slack line maneuvers with my Rev, but I can with my Ultra.  Can
anyone out there in Cyber Space do an Axle with a Rev?  If so, how?

I have heard of an Ultra Hurricane being flown in a 57 Knot wind.  I have
not encountered any wind like that I want to be out in.  I don't want to get
killed flying a kite.  But what a way to go.  Can any model of revs stand up
to that much wind?  Mine cant.

While out on the field, my Ultra gets more feedback from spectators than my
Revs get because people have seen delta sport kites before and don't expect
them to do the stuff that my Ultras do.  When you see a bow tie type in the
sky, you just expect it to fly a little different.

I guess it all boils down to what you want out of a kite.  I want mine to
make me smile, and all of my kites do that.

Why do I feel justified spilling my guts here?  I own a vented Ultra, an
unvented Ultra Ultralite, an Ultra Hurricane (6 vent), and an UII Ultralite.
In the Rev type kites I own a Rev 1.5 and a home made stack of 6 kites (soon
to be 12) in the Rev style that have a span of about 3'.  They are fast like
you cant believe.  They spin so fast that they become a blur.  Comparing
them to a full size Rev is like comparing a Prism Micron to a Prism Eclipse.
Anyone out there with any sewing skills should build a set (don't vent them
tough, they don't need it.)



(editor's note : not sure if this is still available, but, just in case...)

Date: Fri, 06 Nov 1998 22:36:30 -0800 
From: Barry Zickuhr  
Subject: REVisions - Neos Omega for sale 


I noticed that you are the owner of the REVisions discussion list.  I'm
not a quad flyer, but I have a Neos Omega (I thought I wanted to fly
quad, but ... it's a long story).  So, I don't really want to join the
discussion list, but I would like to sell the kite to someone who would
appreciate it.  Can I post a letter to the list about it and have people
just send me email about it?

I'm selling my original Neos Omega, bought in 1989 and "flown" twice.  The
sail has 3 pinhole dings, but otherwise the whole kite is in mint condition.  I
have the original handles, and half the original line.  The sail is black and hot 
pink.  I'm asking $1700.  

If you are interested, please contact me directly at


Date: Wed, 11 Nov 1998 12:53:14 -0800 
From: Phil Kalenowsky  
Subject: REVisions - Silly question.. 

So.. you have a new Deca, eh?  COOL! 

I've heard some REALLY nasty horror stories about CONSTANTLY breaking rods,
and the manufactor being a pain about it.. 

Have you flown your's 'much', alot, some, etc.... 

Have you flown an indoor model?  They are supposed to 'float' pretty nice.. 

What length lines do you fly on?? I imagine you own and fly the 'A1' you
took pictures of, eh? 

thanks!  Phil :) 

(editor's notes :  I have seen some rods break personally, but, overall, I
find my two Decas to be reasonably robust, one just has to use caution when
assembling it because of the bowing of the main rod.

I have flown Decas here and there, but not what I would state as "a lot". I
like my Zero Wind Synergy, but, only inside, i find it very jittery
outside, and, the new A1 requires a bit more wind than my Revs do, but, I
do enjoy flying it alot when I get a chance.  I find that the Decas in
general are much more symetrical in their flight, forward and reverse
really fly about the same with no major differences. The line set on the A1
is stick, I'd guess at about 40 feet? And, finally, yes, that is my A1 in
the pictures.  Added after the fact. anyone I have ever known that has dealt with Guildworks has had nothing but good things to say )


Being that Penny did a great trip to South America and has yet to scribble
anything down for all of us (no pressure kiddo...) , I'll include a post to
rec.kites that may cause a few less grey hairs.

From: Penny & Steven Lingenfelter 
Subject: REVisions - Re: quad line tangles!!!
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 19:41:10 -0800
Organization: ICGNetcom

Everything they said~

But I just had to add my two cents....

Wrap as quickly as you can because your already late for dinner at your
in-laws.. Disconnect lines at the kite.  Larks head the top & bottom lines
together.  Slip one set of line on the right hand side of the winder, and
one set of lines on the left side.  Wind fast!

Leave the handles on.. Secure handles & line with the bundgee on the Laser
Pro crazy eight winder  (short com~  That Gold line is awesome stuff!!!!  90
lb indoors~ to kewl! Best lines I've ever had)  ok.. sorry about that.....
just had to!

Now your as organized as any fanatical kite flyer has a right to be.  The
trouble should be minimal if YOU wound them up.

Do stake it AND attach it BEFORE  you try to correct anything.  Walk your
lines, kneel with your knees between the top & bottom sets.  That way, if a
gust or dog takes the kite careening off you know there's no tangles, only
twist behind you.  Then you only have to turn over  a handle if your lucky.

On a bad day......

Tangles getting to you?  Unhook one (1)  handle from the stake and thread it
out.  If you HaVe to unhook something, only unhook one (1) line at a time.
The top of the handle, then the bottom.  Ta Da. You've got 4 lines!

On a really really bad day...........

Put the lines up... and fly something else.

On those incredibly bad days..............

make lemonade..... .....   ...... give those screwed up lines to a family
that will use them.

And some old quad advice.......

Never pray for patience or God will test you.~With tangled lines.

Good luck!  Best Breezes~ ~ ~

~Occasionaly tangled~~  Penny  rkd2/#kites 


Back into Deca world for a sec, someone caught the REVisions gallery I guess...

Date: Sat, 28 Nov 1998 01:42:29 EST 
Subject: REVisions - Synergy deca on site 

Thank you so much for the site showings of the Synergy-Deca, I very much
appreiacte  any web showings as I do not yet have the guildworks,com site up
yet.  However I wish you to notice that the "Fire Dyed A-1 sail" was dyed by "
High as a Kite" and the kite itself is produced by "GuildWorks" in Beverly,MA.
The standard production models are produced by INVento and distributed by Nova
Design Group ( thanks for the link).  
Well thank you again it is great to see another devoted Synergy flyer.
Keep in touch and reach me at and soon to be ( I am currently travling on a friends computer).

Synergetic Skies,
Marc Ricketts   -designer


Date: Sat, 05 Dec 1998 19:02:00 -0600 
Organization: @Home Network Member 
Subject: REVisions - hello 

Hi I am trying to decide between a revI and a shock wave, I have flown a
backtracker for a couple of years and have come a long way since my
first few outings (and still have a lot to learn)when I was sure that
the kite was damaged in some way that I could not see. Obviously I
learned that the problem was with me rather than the kite. At any rate I
now want to upgrade my rev but am not sure which one is for me. There
are no kite stores in my area so I am forced to order the kite via the
web. I have asked the various retailers which one would be better for me
and I always get a response telling me to buy the most expensive one.
This I don't mind doing if the more expensive one is the better one, but
I know that price doesn't always make it better. I know that you will
not be able to tell which one would be the best for me as such but could
you please explain the differences between the two and what each one is
best suited for.
Thank you for your time,
Jason Whitehead

(editors notes : Oooooo, tough call...You know, I still find that my
original 1.5 is my favorite kite. But, you do have some Rev experience, I'd
say get the Shockwave in this case, they are great fun....)


And, finally, me. I'll be brief, I am swamped with work stuff yet again,
and the rain in Vancouver has been brutal lately, so I have not been out much.

However, in October, I had the fine pleasure of flying in Toronto with a
few REVisions people and I would like to thank them for that time. So,
thanks Steve, I -thoroughly- enjoyed flying your stack of Rev 1s. It was
rather odd to be switching back and forth between a 1.5 and a stack of FIVE
1s. Kinda like going between a small sports car and a large truck, my arms
gained an inch or two with the pull of that stack. Steve also had a
gorgeous Joel Scholtz "Beautiful Evil" that I snapped a bunch of pictures
for, that I may compile into yet another gallery later this week.

I also spent a bunch of time flying with Michael Raycraft as well, and I
thank him for the fun as well.

An interesting side story, I also went to Chicago on that trip for 4 days.
Windy City? Hah, yes it is, but, don't be taking a kite into it. My one day
of flying in Chi-town was plagued with such variable winds that I could
keep a Rev flying for MAYBE 5 minutes. Up and down, changing directions,
dying right out. Bah.

so, thats it for now, seeya all soon and thanks, REVisions is now more than
a year old...


"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."

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