REVisions 2.03, August 9th, 1998

From: David Hathaway  
Subject: REVisions 2.03 

Ah, for those lazy days of summer...For those of you scratching your heads
about an apparent lack of schedule with REVisions, it's fairly simple...

1] I have been ludicrously busy lately...

2] A somewhat small amount of contributions during the summer amounts has
made it kinda silly to send "not much" wevery two weeks.

I only have some many Rev stories in my tiny head, so, the more others
contribute, the more that goes out...(hint hint hint)

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If you need to get off the list, or, your email address changes, please let
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like to get the mailings, have them send me a note to the same address. 

And, of course, if you'd like to submit questions, stories, ideas or
otherwise, send them on to me, and I'll include them in
the next mail out.


On with it...


From: "mtd 1952"  
Subject: Quad line variants 
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 1998 21:41:28 PDT 

Hi to all... my name is Mike, and I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and have 
been flying stunt kites since about 1980, when I purchased an early 
Trlby design.  I have just become a hopeless convert to quad line 
flying, with the purchase of my first Rev 1.5 SLE.

I have a question for all of you more experienced quad-liners out there, 
about some kites I've heard of, but can't find on-line and would like to 

see pictures or find sources for purchase.

One is called the "Sky Dancer" or "Sky Dance".  Another I've heard of is 
the "Symphony".

I am eager to try some other quad designs, and would be grateful for any 
websites or sources you could provide for finding these designs.

I enjoy the mailings and musings from monkey-boy's site, and am glad to 
see there's so many quad-freaks out there!

Hope to hear from ya soon...   -mtd aka "WindRider"

(from the editor : Well, the list in general is meant for all quad kite
variations out there. I personally have two others, a TC Ultra Quad/Dual
delta, which was my first quad, and a Synergy low wind Deca. I like them
both a lot, although I have not flown the TC since getting the Revs, but, I
am meaning to take it out again, so, I'll write up my "new" views on it as
I wasn't too good at quads in general when I started flying it, so, it'd be
kinda neat to look at it again, a year down the road. I also dearly like my
Deca, but, I need an indoor place to fly it...)


From: "David Ritchie"  
Subject: added to Subscribe 
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 00:13:00 -0400 

I have had my Rev II since 1995 or so. I was in Monterey California and met
the infamous Corey "kite" Jansen of Windborne Kites. He sold me a plain
jane type kite since it was the first kite I had flown since being a kid
(about 122 yrs ago). That was a fun kite I thought and people stopped to
look at it hovering in the breeze. By the end of the summer my 2 year old
son was attaching himself to the spool and having a really good time of it.
It was at that point I said to myself " if he can fly this thing it is time
for a new challenge". *I phoned Corey up in Ca. and said to him "just send
the wildest thing in the store and choose the most outrageous colour you
have". A few short days later (and some big bucks) a package arrived with a
Rev II in neon pink. WOW, did this ever look great. It took me about 1 year
to learn to fly since nobody else around had one to help me. Now I find
this a joy to fly and am looking to add to my collection. I am also looking
for a good Kite shop near Toronto where I can get parts and stuff. If
anybody knows of one please let me know at


(and from the reigning Queen of Pacific Northwest Rev flyers...)

Date: Mon, 13 Jul 1998 18:07:03 -0700 (PDT) 
From: Penny Lingen  
Subject: Fwd: [Fwd: Questions on the SUL kit for Rev. 1.5 SLE] 

Hi.. Sorry I've been so late in answering you.  This will be short just to
let you know I've read it, and plan on replying.  I've been doing lots of
research on the subject!  :)  Great summer evenings, no wind.  I Keep one
up in the car ready to toss out in a parking lot, park, baseball field,
etc.   It is easier to learn on lines 10-15 ft. long.  It moves slower.
But at the same time heavier to learn on.  6- 8 ft. short lines are easy
and quick.  Two foot increments are totally different.  Try 10-12-15.  8 is
fast.. but great fun.. very 3-d body motions.

ok.. I have to go.. I'll check this out and finish it up later... bridle..
no bridle.. less you like them..  80 lb line is fine.  No less then 50lb..
but expect breakage.. 
You can call me the drag queen.. lines break in no wind.. from the amount
of drag I produce "inside".  If you only fly smooth they might be ok.  but
hey.. it's a quad! :D  lol  Gotta Go!
Best Breezes,

Penny  rkd2/#kites

Dear Penny,
I subscribe to REVisions, and have been very impressed with the great
information and knowledge you have imparted to its readers, and found your
advice very helpful. 
I have just received  SUL kit for my Rev. 1.5 SLE and have a few questions.
Can I use the bridle that came with my 1.5 SLE  kite or do I have to order
a new one?   Or do you recommend no bridle.
I will be flying my kite outdoors in low to zero winds. The information
from Revolution has not been very much help.
What weight fly lines should I use?
What length fly lines for what wind conditions should I use?
What is the top wind speed that SUL can fly, before changing the rods.
Thanks for your help, keep up the good work.

Lance Gurney
Portland, Maine

Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 07:39:58 -0700 
From: Penny & Steven Lingenfelter  

Subject: Re: REV 1.5 3-D modifications 

First off I shutter every time David tells me he drilled holes in his cap!  :D

Three-D  flying will usually find you on wooden or cement floors.  The caps
take more abuse then all of the rest of the kite put together.  I know.  I've
replaced two or three sets on my indoor kites.  They get totally worn down, till
there's not enough material and they crack.  It's not a sudden thing, but quick

I just larks head my indoor lines into my existing cap hole and around it.
There's plenty of room in there, even with a bundgee.

My modifications are simple.   No bridle- knots in the back.  (The strings
in the front..  so I don't really  have to change that.)
I have spoken with people who solve their string entanglements with  their
knots by hot gluing the bundgee ends  together so there are  *no knots. ( Just
wishing I was that organized!)

Taking off the washers is fine for indoors.  But be aware it opens up a safety
hazard outside.  Heavy winds can take the knots through the hole in the kite-
unattaching your line from your kite and sending it down.   That's a word of
experience.    So if you are washerless, be very careful flying around people.

What length of lines are you using?  Keep in mind two foot increments are
where you'll experience changes.  If your catching your lines to much.  You may
prefer to go to a shorter set.
Have fun Jason!  We'll see you in the gym!!

Best Breezes,
Penny  rkd2/#kites

Ps remember slow is good!

dh wrote:

> In article <>, Jason Robbins  wrote:

> >Has anyone done some modifications for 3-D flying?
> ah yep, to a few revs...
> >Specifically, I,m talking about the bungie knots and fittings which seem
> >to snag the lines constantly.
> Ok, in a quick nutshell, here is what I do...
> Remove the bridle. Put it away carefully of it will take you weeks to get it
> right once more.
> Retie all bungees so that they are now on the front of the kite. Well, all
> except the leading edge spar connectors..., but, remove those rubber pieces
> too, extra wieght...
> Now, opinion is divided on this next bit, but, it works for me.
> Take the end caps, a drill a hole just marginally bigger than some sleeving
> material you may have.  I then thread a 2-3 inch (same length on all four)
> piece through the hole. Once it is threaded thru, I heat the end just a wee
> bit and flatten it out onto a flat surface. Because, then, I can avoid
> a knot on the whole where I will also be passing the bungee through...
> And, that seems to work for me...
> >I know, your thinking, learn to fly the damn kite, Jason.
> >I,ve been doing the "walk of shame" more than I,d prefer.
> There is never any shame in flying a Rev...


Ok, so Penny and I disagree on this part of the 3D mods, but, we tolerate
multiple opinions and she has yet to -see- one of my 3D modified kites....

Anyways, on to my 3 cents worth...

"Neat New Kite Bag"

    A few weeks ago, I passed a 2 year anniversary at the company that I work
for (  if youSENT interested). In company
tradition, this is celebrated with a nifty tiny party, lots of nice things
said back and forth, and, well, this time, a lovely surprise...A Prism Kite
Bag. I have always carried my "flock" of Revs in an MLD Big Wing bag, but,
have long cursed it's big length and lack of pockets for proper organiztion
of stuff, so, when I spied the new prism bag in January, I had secretly
been covetting one for carry Revs in. If you have not seen one of these,
check out the Prism site under accesories. But, in a nut shell, its a full
length bag that folds into a half length bag with MANY pockets. I
calculated, one could potentailly carry more than 16 Revs in this bag. The
bag is basically a large rectangle that rolls up VERY neatly making for a
small carrying case. So, I have my eight revs, a prism fanatic and a
Synergy Deca, all curled up into a 42 inch "roll" that is MUCH easier to
carry around and keeps "stuff" like line sets, spikes, handles, sunscreen,
etc all neatly organized. I could go on for hours about how pleased I am
with this bag, but, that would become a non-event. The ONLY two things I'd
change would be to lengthen it by maybe two inches so you could fold it
with 16 revs, and, well, ok, a Revolution logo on it as well would be nice.
Go check one out..

"BCKA Kite festival"

    Once a year, the BCKA (British Columbia Kite Association ) has it's annual festival at Vanier Park here in
Vancouver. Its a nice event, and entirely non-competitive, much more like a
fun fly on a big scale. Its a great time to catch up with friends, and meet
some new ones, and fly like crazy for two days. Revs were represented, of
course by me, and also Fritz, one of teh other regular Vancouver flyers,
but, when I checked the list of demos being flown, I was -horrifed- to find
out there were no Rev demos. Being that I ofetn speak before thinking, I
grumbled about it and of course, was drafted into flying one each day.
Well, I had been working on a routine a LOT laytely, and I figured it was a
fine, non-points way to adjust to flying a performance, so, off I went to
do exactly that. Music chosen was Thomas Dolby's Dissidents from "The Flat
Earth" album, and, well, Sunday's demo got to me, and I SWEAR someone
shifted the ground up by a foot while I was not looking as my trusty Rev
1.5 SUL went crashing into it, very ungracefully...


But, I recovered, and flew MUCH better on the Monday. My tip? Fly for
others in a performance setting as much as you possibly can. I find it's
somewhat tough to control a Rev when your hands are shaking, so the more I
do it, teh more relaxed I become about it, and that is a good thing for
those of us who are in competitions at all.  Also, the monday morning saw
the arrival of a camera crew form local TV news. I did about a 5 minute
interview with them on Revolution kites and their flight, all while flying,
but, alas, it was condensed down to a 30 second appearance on the nightly
news. Oh well, it was fun regardless, just wish I had not phoned everyone I
knew to watch it...

Speaking of competition, Penny seems to be too sy to mention this, but, she
placed a VERY CLOSE second at Berkely this year, narrowly placing behind
Ron Despojado, and, was one of the first people to be seen in competition
flying a Rev Supersoni. Well done Penny, and well done Sharon for your 7th
place showing. Next year, I'll be going...

For those of you who attend the Washington State Internation Kite Festival,
look for me there, I'll be attending on the Monday thru to the Wednesday,
undoubtedly hanging around with rev flyers, so, pop over, say hello and
we'll fly a bit ok?

Buh bye for now, and, in the meantime, send in your quad tales, stories,
legends, ideas, thoughts, etc to so we can get the volume
of this list turned up a bit, I'd greatly appreciate it and so would
everyone else on the list.

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."

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