REVisions 2.02, June 28th, 1998

From: David Hathaway  
Subject: REVisions 2.01

proving yet again that I am awful with schedules...The advantage is that
there is quite a pile of stuff this time out...

It's that time again. S U M M E R ! Time to fly as much as humanly possible
and wear as much sunscreen as you can...So, I'll get the administrivia out
of the way, and onto the postings...

Don't forget that all past and previous mailings get archived the same day
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me know at , or, if you know of someone else who would
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And, of course, if you'd like to submit questions, stories, ideas or
otherwise, send them on to me, and I'll include them in
the next mail out.


On with it...


From: (Lee Kraft) 
Date: Thu, 28 May 1998 01:40:29 -0400 
Subject: ECSKC at Wildwood 

Hi David:
        Just got back yesterday from a great extended weekend at
Wildwood N.J. The weather and wind were excellant, so everyone got in a
lot of good flying. Although it cut into my flying time, I watched many
of the competitions on Saturday and Sunday and the indoor competitions
at Convention Hall on Monday (Memorial Day).  AWSOME !!!!!
          I got a chance to try a SuperSonic for just a minute on Monday
afternoon. Didn't fly it long enough to get used to it, but enjoyed it
just the same. It felt quite different than the Rev 2's I usually fly.
           The South Jersey  Kite Flyers club
hosted the Friday night barbeque, as we did last year, and must have fed
a couple hundred people. A great time was had by all.
           I almost had a disaster on Monday afternoon. I was on the
beach flying my train of three Rev 2's.  I landed them for a minute to
give the handles to a friend to try. Just then a beach patrol cop came
roaring through on a beach buggy and tore up my lines, and dragged the
kites for a few yards before he stopped.  He did break two of the lines,
but fortunately didn't do any damage to the kites. My heart stopped for
a minute.
           It's getting late now ( 1:34 A.M.) so I think I'll call it
quits and get some shut-eye.       Good winds to everyone.

Lee Kraft


From: "Michael R. Claassen"  
Subject: Rev control 
Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 08:57:36 -0700 

Hello, David;
It has been a long time between rev lists.

(editor's note : yeah, I know...  8)  )

Have a general question about flying my rev, that I'll let you decide if it
belongs on the mailing list or not.
I purchased a used rev I, it is in fine shape, no tears, patches, or breaks.
The porblem is it came without handles, lines or instructions.  I purchased
a generic set of quad handles and lines at my local kite shop.
The problem is that the rev handles like a slug.  It is difficult, if not
impossible, to hold in a stall in any position, it doens't stop and start
On possible problem is the bridling, which I pretty much made up.  or it
could be the handles, which are basically banana shaped, and about 12
inches long.
any thought, hints, or suggestions would be appreciated.
(editor's notes : The handles sound suspiciously like TC Ultra handles,
plexiglass?. Also, as per a longish thread in rec.kites, watch out for
early Rev 1s, the bridle was such that the kite SHOULD have longer lines on
the top. I recommend ordering a "normal" 1 bridle and going from there,
but, if you want to retie the existing bridle, keep in mind that when you
put pressure on all bridle tie points, it should form an "equal" rectangle...)


From: "Bill"  
Subject: Quad Precision Figures 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:30:09 -0400 

Hi David,
I'm just getting good enough with the Rev to think about competition.
I have seen the list of Quad compulsory figures at
My question is this..
Is this "the" list of figures for Quad precision here in the States?  I
thought STACK was a European thing, is that true?  Since I've never
competed, I don't want to be surprised when I sign up, so just trying to
figure out what to expect.
I'm so confused....
Get high on the wind...

(editor's notes : Well, Stack is the only organization that is currently
having Quad precision always, but, AKA events are starting to have it as
well, much to my dismay (i suck at precision...). Keep in mind that any
event having precision figures usually lets people know ahead of time, so
one can practice that particular ones...)


Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 12:28:10 -0700 
From: Eric Allen  
Subject: Glad to be here! 

Just found about this!
A little info & history-started flying kites in '89, Revs in '96. I will
prolly never fly duals again...I live in Southern California, Long Beach
to be precise. I fly pretty regularly at Belmont Shore. I've only
competed once, but I plan to compete in the next local one-June
13th...I'm excited!
As far as what's in my bag-a I , I.5, II and a Minergy. I stack the 3
revs every so often...
Not much else-I've flown my I.5 so much the net at the top is torn...I
wish I could get to the beach more...I've got some kOOl pics of my stack
that are going up soon...
Happy flying everyone!


From: "Bill"  
Subject: Penny's Revision Question 
Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 10:40:19 -0400 

Penny scribled...
Who can tell me?  :)
*Why do you need to row your handles while your pivoting?  Go check it
out on your handles.  I'd like to see some answers here in the next

The kite will tend to loose altitude during a pivot spin.  Pulling the top
line of the upward coming side of the kite will add speed, therefore
maintain altitude.
Am I right?  What do I win?  
Get high on the wind...

(editor's note : Ok, Penny, a prize for Bill, your choice...)

(editor's note2 : Penny Lingenfelter is the honourary assistant editor here
at REVisions)


Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 09:14:09 -0700 
From: Penny & Steven Lingenfelter  
Subject: [Fwd: Re: Rev moves] 

Hi Bill,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

A pivot is turning on the "center of the kite", in comparison to a wing tip
turn, or small 1/4 turn.  When I think axle, I think laying it down flat on
the wind and spinning it. But I could be wrong there. Do you mean pivot?    Pivots
can be done in any direction.Launches and landings?  hmm you can launch
from any direction the same with landings.  You can pull it out of the sky and let it
fall, snapping it to a stop a foot from the ground.  Other then that, it's
just landing it in any direction.

You can act like a female and change your mind at the end. :D  Bring it
down in one direction, only to snap it around and land it in another. Inside flying,
there are more tricks for landing and launching.

How about a full window *forward circle, (leading edge first) then  change
it to a *slide circle, (leading with your leading edge tip, leading edge facing out)
then change it to an *inverted slide circle, (leading edge facing inside,
front tip leading the way) and then a *reverse circle,   both tips facing in the
direction you are going.  You can spiral these  in  ending with a wing tip
circle into a pivot.  These show the many directions that a Rev. can move.
You can do the same thing in figure eight's. Don't forget speed.  Practice fast
and slow moves.

Are you practicing diagonal moves?  Sliding up and down diagonal is a good way
to start.  Try sliding across your window facing 12:00  at about a foot off of
the ground.  You'll find that is not always as easy as it looks!

Judges in the past have told us to keep our flying impressive for the crowds.
The problem is, the easy stuff is impressive.  The challenge is making the
difficult look easy.

You can do a circle or square, or what ever large move you want to draw with
pivots, or wing tip turns, or any combination. i.e.. wing tip spin to 9:00,
stop, wing tip 9:00 stop, can be pulled into any diagram.
This should give you something to work on, and help with ideas of your own.
Good luck Bill!

Best Breezes,
Penny  rkd2/#kites


Date:   Sun, 31 May 1998 17:47:25 -0600 
From: Alex Schaap  
Subject: Rev SW Update 

Hello REVisions,

It's been a total of 6 hours flying the revolution shockwave, my first
quad string kite.  I was a little nervous taking this kite out of the
bag, knowing this was going to be a challenge.  A number of posts on
rec.kites warn kite flyers NOT to buy the shockwave 'unless you are a
very experienced rev flyer'. I must admit, the first few hours were
extremely frustrating, trying to rid myself of the two line push pull
tendency.  Twice I went out, twice I left with a frown.  The third time
I went flying, it just clicked!  I was finally controlling more than 10%
of the movement :)  The wind was on the strong side, but not to
strong...hell, I bought a strong kite, it better stay together up
there!  So, I was flying.  Nothing special, but this is where we start.
Within an hour of the 'click' I was spinning propellers, flying
backwards, forwards, landing and taking off both LE up and LE down,  and
getting a little cocky managed to fit in a few flic/flacs.  Today I
managed a few good power dive and stops, still a little sloppy, but lots
of practice still to come!  One thing that I am having a problem with is

flying horizontally backwards.  I know it's possible, but can't seem to
keep the LE perpendicular to the ground.  Any helpful hints would be
nice!  Anyways, to all those people that think the SW is not for
beginner revvers, I am living proof it is.  Just a little patience and
it will 'click' as it did with me.  I look forward to future flying
sessions with my rev, as I packed my dual liners away for awhile.

Alex Schaap
Vegreville  Alberta

(editor's note : Practice, thats what gets that LE perpendicular... 8)


Date: Mon, 01 Jun 1998 23:51:24 +0100 
From: Bruno Bonino  
Subject: Re: REVisions 2.01 

Thank you for REVision 2.01 !

May I translate some interesting and technical message in Italian? 
I put a link to your site but I would like to open a page in Italian on my
site too (of course indicating the source).
See in a picture of Decorators in Ostia, Italy.
We have a Team too (Micro Aquilotti) but all the lines are of different
lenght :-( and nobody wants to cut...

I have 7, home made, quad-line:

5 Rev 1.5 clones: 3 x 82.5 + 2 x 82.5 cm.
Super Very Ultra Light in polyester. 
Ultra ligth Icarex.
Ligth Rip-stop.
Normal Rip-stop.

1 Rev I clone.
1 Mini Rev III clone

33 m. - top 25 Kg., bottom 19 Kg.
16 m. - top 25 Kg., bottom 19 Kg.
22 m. - 68 Kg.
22 m. - 36 Kg.
6  m. - 36 Kg.

Are you interested in pictures and plans? I have Decorators, David Brittain
images etc.

Good wind.

(editor's note : I am ALWAYS interested in pictures for the Gallery, send


(editor's note : And from our UK correspondent...)

Date: Tue, 26 May 1998 10:52:01 -0700 
From: Simon Dann  
Subject: Revisions 

> Who can tell me?  :)
> *Why do you need to row your handles while your pivoting?  Go check it
> out on your handles.  I'd like to see some answers here in the next
In addition to what Penny has said I would like to add that practicing
your rowing movements is an absolute must, when you do this don't forget
to Row in both directions.

> Reverse Walk Up:
> You've taken your first steps.  :D
> Try walking across, up, down, diagonal, or anywhere!  hold, reverse,
> stop..  not so hard.  OK.. it's not going to be the first move you
> learn, but you can learn it!

Once you have the Walk up, try it starting from the ground, and walk
back down when you get to the top. I was flying this move last year at
Guadeloupe and Carl Robertshaw saw me do it and used it in his
competition routine Against me !!
Nice variation is to start in a bottom corner and do 90 Degree turns
instead of 180's that way you do steps up across the window.
> Wingtip Turns:
> Same thing.. hold one handle still.. that means not enough pressure to
> reverse it, that's to much/not to little pressure or it goes forward.. :(
> hold one wingtip still, put forward on the other handle, around and
> stop!   Yes!  A wingtip turn!

mid range exercise: is to then extend this wing tip turn until is goes
360 therefore stopping back where it started.  Don't forget also to do
it starting with the other tip still.
Now to make it an advanced exercise. do the 360 forward and then reverse
the turn so you do a reverse 360.  Making sure the very tip of the LE
does not move.  Practice this in all areas of the sky and you will have
days of fun.

> FUN MOVE to work on..  top of the window.. face 6:00,  go down, turn 360
> right, and slide left.  Try this move with different turns and directions.
> :)  It's not
> difficult, just practice.

Mark Lummas of Skydance is working on a move like this he comes down on
the edge and goes into a side slide  /\/\  the way to impress with this
is to keep the LE flat/parrallel with the ground/Horizon it is easy to
fly left to right LE down with leading tip slightly up. The advanced one
is to fly LE down (flying left to right) with the (as you look at it)
left tip slightly up.  This puts all the angles of the kite in the wrong
place. The main one being the LE       
I think I may have got a new trick for the OLD Rev 1.5, in any wind I
can now do a Flic-Flac (like you can with the SS or SW)
Fly the kite up centre window LE up, then start to reverse slowly down,
after about 10 feet push both thumbs forwards Very quick,  If only one
tip flips under practice till both flip under or tighten the sail if its
old.  Thats the Flic, to Flac you then pull hard on your thumbs and push
the bottom of your handles back out towards the kite.  You may also need
to step back a couple of paces.

(I fly on Epsom Downs UK with Andy Wardley, Gary Pullinger etc (great
trick flyers and Rev flyers) PS Andy Taught Andy Preston how to 540 a
Stranger :-) anyway, for a trick to be a trick with these guys you have
to be able to do it 10 times in a row, I spent all day but I can now do
it on demand 100%)
If anyone has been doing this I would love to know, also I'm trying to
follow the Flic with a Fade, seems possible with the SW it a lot harder
with the 1.5.  Any comments please.

> Sharon has been trying for several years to control some moves, like an
> inverted slide circle.  That's the leading edge facing inside throughout
> the full circle.
> She found she could do it with the Supersonic!

OK for the Advanced test (lesson) now do the inverted side slide circle,
yep got that !
Now try as you are doing the big circle rotate the kite as you do the
circle, so you end up doing one big circle, but your kite is rotating as
it goes (easier than it sounds !! ).

Penny I hope you don't mind me putting my comments onto yours.

Question :  Who are the top ten Quad flyers in the World, USA, Japan,
Europe ?
(those that compete and those that don't)

(editor's note : ME! Ok, no, not yet...)

PS. Looks like Dieppe World Cup will have Quad Indi as well as Dual Line
Team. And Guadeloupe is looking good for 99.

Next weekend is the first round of the UK Nationals, top quad flyers
include Carl Robertshaw, James Robertshaw and Simon Dann.  I will post
you any new / good moves which come out of it.

Simon Dann UK.


Subject: REVision newsletter? 
Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 21:18:21 +0200 
From: Christer Carlsson  


I'm a happy Rev II owner in Sweden. I saw you and your newsletter
mentioned on rec.kites. I assume it is a electronic newsletter? If so,
could you please put me on the mailing list?

Btw, you or one of your readers could maybe help me with a few things:
I want to make my standard Rev II lighter for low wind flying. What do I do?
Remove the bridle and use lighter spars? Any tips on which spars? Is there
a ready made kit I could buy?

Best regards


(editor's note : I have adjusted my IIs for low wind, mainly by going to
the 3 wrap spars, and removing the bridle. My II SUL sail is what I
-usually- use (as evidenced in the Gallery and the Hawaii pics, but, I have
not found much difference with my "normal" Rev II sail)


Date: Wed, 27 May 1998 10:15:34 -1000 
From: Christopher Richardson  
Subject: Re: REVisions 2.01 

Hi All !

The winds were a bit gusty this week and I was out trying to fly my Super
Sonic in it. After a hearty workout I gave up and  pulled out my beloved Rev. II.
The winds were perfect for it but I got to thinking about how much flex there is in
the Rev. II  in heavy winds. Has anyone tried using the fat Super Sonic spar in a
Rev. II? Also, is that the only difference in the regular Rev. 1.5 and the 1.5 SLE?

Thanks !


(editor's notes : I have yet to try an SLE in a II, but, I was thinking
about doing that. Three main differences with a "old school" 1.5 and the
SLE :   1, the SLE itself    2, A light wieght bridle  3, an Icarex sail  4,
better performance...)


Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 08:01:45 -0500 
From: Mike Kory  
Subject: Subscribe (again) and a question 

I have a Rev EXP which I enjoy flying quite a bit. The problem is that,
where I live, there are too many days with little or no wind. I've seen
a Rev Ultralight mentioned here but I don't see it in any of the
catalogs nor is it at Rev's web page.  Does this kite still exist? Do I
need it, or should I modify my existing kite?

Mike Kory

(editors note : As far as I am aware, the "true" SUL is discontinued, but
Penny will correct me if I am wrong...)


(out of rec.kites)

On Thu, 11 Jun 1998 04:43:55 GMT, (Michael Raycraft)

>Mike Kory ( wrote:
>: I'm new to this and I've got a Rev EXP which I love, but there are too
>: many days with light winds in which I spend most of my effort just
>: keeping the kite in the air. I've seen the SUL mentioned in this group.
>: Does anyone out there know how much it weighs? I'd like to compare it my
>: kite to see if it would make a big difference.

>As you may be aware, Mike, Revolution makes an SUL (Super Ultra-Light)
>addon kit for the 1.5 SLE, including lighter 2-wrap rods, spectra bridle,
>extended handles and a light wind video.  (The longer handles really do
>help, in my experience.)  Your dealer may be able to assist you in 
>obtaining a kit or equivalent parts to fit your EXP version, allowing you 
>to use the same sail. 

>Keep in mind that the SUL versions are routinely flown indoors, to give
>you an idea of what can be done (Penny or Lam, where are you?).  Practice
>will also help, they say . 

>Hope that this is of some assistance,

I have yet to try the SLE (Icarex 1/2 sail ) indoors, the weathers not
been that bad yet.. However, I would think once you take the SLE out
and replace it with either an UL or SUL it will fly easy indoors, such
a good sail. (IMHO) You may want to change the bridle to 150 or 200
Lbs Shanti Spectra.  That way saving weight. You can also remove the
dust cover from the Spar caps.  You can reduce the size of spar end
caps, use lighter bungy, cut out excess dacron reinforcement, Move
bungy positions move a better pull on LE and sail etc.. I prefer to
use Extended, Extended handles (Are the new set coming yet, Lolly
:-)..) The best part is the kite will fly in or out, and upto a good
wind, don't jump for a vented get the stiffer rod first.  This is
great for Comp's but you will need to get the vented version also.
Precision flying is awesome with any vented Rev.  "It flys like
velvet" RR.  and I agree.
So go and get the SLE, and some SUL rods and have loads of fun.
Simon Dann STACK UK Head Judge 1993 - Feb 1998.       
Vote for me ?? Thank You if you did.
____  World Indoor Duration Record Holder - Quadline
\/\/  I fly Revolutions, use Shanti Speed, wear Bolle Sunglasses;
               Because they are the best !


(and, also out of rec.kites, by Penny, and so damn funny that it HAD ti be
included here...)

If my kite was a man!

Rev I: This would be the  first husband.  You know, new, exciting, larger then
life. Nothing like your first love till you find out it's flaws.  Hey, but
you're still good friends!  And he's perfect for someone else.

Rev  II:   The  rebound. You want a change.... speed and excitement.  It's
great, but not totally satisfying.  :)

Rev  1.5:  Now we're talking!  Here's the kite you'd take home to meet the
folks. Everything your parents ever wanted you to find in a kite!  But we
don't always do what our parents want.  We're still looking for something better.

Vented Rev II:   The kite you'd marry or maybe just live in sin with..  High
spirited, playful, but slow and caring.  You love it and it's hardly ever a
pain in the *wrist. And you still have to work at it in low times. But you
find out it's unstable in low times....

Supersonic!  The man behind closed doors!  lol  ( lordy~ don't send hate
mail/male! j/kidding) I won't elaborate, I promise.

Gosh, So many kites and not enough time!   :)

The 1.5 SLE:  Well, you know aging has it's rewards.  To have a kite that is
mature and doesn't play games is wonderful!  But it's still high spirited,
sometimes just plain goofy.  You think you control it, but it can suprise you.
More back bone then your father ....and momma will be so  proud.  This one
is a keeper!

~~We were scared but we weren't shaken, kinda bent but we weren't
breaken... ~~
                                        ~~~~~  In the Long Run, Eagles
Best Breezes,
Penny rkd2/#kites

(also out rec.kites, i had meant to send this LAST time, but, here it is,
and welcome Matt to REVisions as well..)

From: (Matthew McGee)
Subject: Re: Rev vs. Synergy Deca?
Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 06:24:31 GMT

>What is it like to fly a Synergy Deca 6?  How is it compared to the
>Rev?  Why would I want one vs. the other?  Are they drastically
>different or pretty much the same?

Well, I'll throw in my 2 cents...

I have both a Rev and a Synergy, and like them both.  They are similar
kites, but retain enough differences to make them each a singular

Main differences as I see it are two-fold; aesthetic and

Aesthetically the Deca wins hands down.  It just looks so stinking
cool.  Most people who pass you at a park or beach will stop to ask
about it, and comments on it's coolness.  It does take some time to
get used to putting the darn thing together, as that can be trying to

the beginning flyer.  (all those pesky lines and rods going all over
the place!)  You also have the fun of having what is most likely the
only one of its kind in the air, as there aren't all that many of them

As for flying performance, both operate as basic quadlines, no
suprises there.  Tilt the top of the handles towards you, and the
kites launch, tip them down and the kite lowers.  Both spin very well
and control is very easy.  Oversteer is more of a problem for me
personnally with the Rev, but I've had others say just the opposite,
so I guess it depends on what you start with, and what your more used

As for sliding, the Rev wins that battle as well as the flying "upside
down" contest.  The Deca tends to rotate over if I try to fly it in
reverse to fast, or in any direction other than down.  Control for
both are good, and in no time you'll be tapping people on the shoulder
or knocking the hats off their heads.

Tricking or stunting with these two kites is another big difference.
The deca just doesn't have that many options.  With some practice it's
pretty easy to land in any orientation you want, including some
impressive tip stands.  The deca will flip over onto it's back in a
roll up like move that looks pretty cool, as well as being able to
flip onto its back and stay there, floating in the air upside down.
I've also been able to get a kind of axel out of the thing that looks
pretty cool, but defies the written word, so I won't even try ;->
Alot more is possible with the Rev, starting with really tight spins
that don't lose attitude at all.  Sliding is very easy compared to the

deca, and will move from edge to edge without to much coersion.  I
have recently seen (so I know it can be done) slides with the leading
edge pointing down, at about 6 inches off the ground!  I also
witnessed a very impressive move with the kite being floated tips
forward at an aggressive angle requiring some deft handling of the

Well I started out to throw in my 2 cents, and I seem to have used up
at least a quarters worth, so I'll stop now.

Sorry for the rambling and hope this helps out some.  Before you get
one, try to find a way to demo both.  If you live in Seattle, let me
know and I'll let you fly mine.



And, finally (whew, a long one this time out...) me. And, I'll keep it

Ever have on of those when you wake up and the day starts out black (as in
mood, not as in waking up at night)?

I was in a HORRIBLE mood! Just spitting nails! I won't bore you with what
had my knickers in a knot, but, suffice it to say that I was one furious
monkey. I survived work that day, somehow, and, was even MADDER when I got
out of there. So, of course, its a day with a HOWLING wind. It was easily
25MPH outside that day, if not even more. So, being that I get very few
days here in Vancouver that make my Vented 1.5 flyable, I had to get out
there and release some bad vibes down 4 lines. It SHOULD have been a clue,
as I was driving there, I saw two tree that had been broken in half by the
wind. Not wee little shrubs, these were substantial trees, snapped... I
kept thinking, no, it's too much, I should go home, its as bad or worse
than the winds at World Cup last year. But, no, I was determined... I got
to my "secondary" flying field in Vancouver, and there is some poor guy
wrestling a non-vented Prism. He packed up and, I set up, all the while
questioning my sanity (well, I question that daily, but, this time, it was
a LOT of questions...). And, no, the story does not end with David and a
vented 1.5 in a million pieces... It was a GREAT fly, really pulling me all
over the place, but, I kept it together and flying the whole time with a
few heart stopping moments. And, two hours later, I had channeled all of my
anger down four lines and VOILA! All happy again. Very refreshing, and I
enjoyed the incredulous looks I got the next day when I told people that
yes, I was stupid enough to fly in that wind...

And, my only other Rev story this week is just that I have rediscovered my
1.5. Kinda like going back to your first love, my 1.5 with the SUL spars is
easily the best kite for me on low wind days, and, since I have had that
kitethe longest, it is the most broken in and has a nice feel to it. I
spent a whole afternoon amusing myself and others with pop cans and trees
and stuff. One warning, if you are going to land on top of metal signs,
check them first for sharp edges...

Buh bye all, seeya in the fields...

"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night."

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