REVisions 1.9, March 28th, 1998

From: David Hathaway  
Subject: REVisions 1.9 

You know, I might even be just on time for this REVisions...

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On with it...


From: (Barry Taylor/Linda Williams) 
Subject: Re: REVisions 1.8 
Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 21:26:51 -0800 

Howdy Folks,
Atta go David. Congrats on yer first competition!
This from 1.8:
>(originally sent to STACK)
>I have a problem as a Quad Indi flyer.  I don't know what the judges
>think 100% is with a quad kite.  I would think that as in dual line
>where an 8 foot kite is assumed.  That in Quad Line a Rev 1.5 is
>assumed, purely as the most used Quad kite.
>Please comment.

>____   Simon Dann 

I don`t compete in kiting at all but have been to a few festivals and
observed the competitions there.
When I first started flying quad`s I was the only regular Rev flier at
Vanier Park in Vancouver although there were others about. The rev 1 and 2
were basically the only quads I had seen or flown until the last couple of
Now as Simon has stated,  rev 1.5 has become the "quad standard". I have to
agree as most fliers I`ve seen in competition use the 1.5 as it is probably
the most versatile (reliable) rev kite for comp. as it is supposed to be the
best of the 1 and 2 combined.
This being my personal point of contention. I love the differences between
my rev 1 and 2 (or my  3 Deca`s... 2 indoor, 1 outdoor) and use them in
accordance to their personalities. The 1.5, being as great as a kite as it
is, doesn`t do it for me because of the "1 and 2 combo" factor.
I was very intrigued by the 1.5 when it came out as there are things in any
kite I have that fall short in some area. That`s why I have a whole bunch of
kites as there is no one kite that can do it all [except maybe a good
fighter kite.. ..  ; ^) ]. Alas after trying one or two 1.5`s and A/B`ing
them against my rev 1 and 2,  I said no thanks and went in a different
direction namely Deca`s.
So now Rev has 2 versions of the 1.5, the new models (which I haven`t had
the pleasure of trying) while the 1 and 2 are special order items. I wish
though, they`d make a mini rev. Now that would be a gas! I`d buy one for
sure. Tried a Prism Micron or a Deca Minergy??? Yeeeeha!!!!!!
So the company is, in a way, defining what a quad line kite is as ya gotta
move product and good for them. Then again if most quad fliers flew another
brand/design then wouldn`t that be the definitive quad competition kite?

Also a zip zap, for example, is a great fun quad ... but as a competition
kite at today`s style of competition...not really.
I can`t really comment on what judges conceptions are in what defines a quad
kite as Simon asks because I don`t know enough about competetive kiting. I
just like flying and seeing kites flown well. I do however see the majority
of quad line competitors using 1.5`s for reasons above and if I ever did
consider competing, a 1.5 would definitely be on the top of my list although
I`d rather use a 1.
But I don`t compete, so the 1.5 is on the bottom of my quad wish list even
though it is a really great kite ... just ugly... But that`s a whole new can
of worms.

Take care all,

Barry Taylor
barlin digital sound and graphic design
fax: 604 886-3368


Date: Mon, 16 Mar 1998 22:33:12 -0500 (EST) 
From: Michael Raycraft  
Subject: REVisions 

Hi, David.  It continues to be a pleasure to be on the mailing list.  
Keep up the good work.

I'm wondering what others use as their favourite means of carrying revs to
and from the flying field.  Something a little more compact than the MLD
or other bags would be nice for those days you don't want to bring the
kitchen sink, eh?  Well, I've been using one of the regular-sized Kite
Packs made by Into The Wind, of Boulder, Colorado, USA.  The bag is a nice
little jobbie about 107 cm (~42 inches) long with a half zipper which goes
across the top and about 1/2 way down one side.  It has a shoulder strap
which facilitates carriage of the bag either over one shoulder when on
foot or across the chest for biking to the field.  While compact, there's
plenty of room for 3-4 revs, and a couple of sets of line and handles. 
I've crammed in up to five revs and a couple of folding fighters on
occasion.  The best part is the price -- just $13.50 U.S. by the each for
the 1998 version. 

The ITW catalogue is a must for any kiteflyer and may be obtained online at:

or by email to  

Of course, there are shipping charges on things ordered from the
catalogue, but you can always get a few people together or just do your
gift shopping thereby spreading the word on our infectious pastime.  

I'm gonna order another Pack just for my fighters.  

(Apologies if this sounds like a commercial.  Btw, support your local kite 
store; however, some things you just can't get there, so...)

   [|*|]     Michael Raycraft     [|*|]


Date: Thu, 19 Mar 1998 11:31:02 -0400 
From: "Paul R. LaMasters"  
Subject: my REV bag 

Hello REVisions folks,

I have noticed that on occasion one of my fellow REV flyers responding to
the REVisions group have outlined their toys for our discussions.  I guess
I should go over my kite bag so we have something to talk about also.  I
want to thank all of you for your contributions.  I hope to abuse something
in each of your kitebags soon and I welcome your hands grabbing onto my
stuff.  The group sharing of our toys is most enjoyable.  I became involved
in kiting by someone forcing me to try it after he noticed me standing
around watching.  I have never forgot his words either.......
"Go ahead try it.  If you break something,... that's ok.  I have
replacements in the car trunk."  A true kiter.

I have a Backtracker.
It was my first REV and I learned to fly it all by myself, but most of the
time was just spent picking it up and using language my mother won't like.
A lesson in humility to be sure.  The indestructible wind toy.
It flys a whole lot better on spectra but then what doesn't?  Those plastic
handles are pretty hokie too.
I came from living in Chicago where the wind always blows 15 miles an hour
at least.  Moving to Maryland required a re-evaluation of my kite bag.  I
needed light wind stuff for this part of the country.  If we get 15 miles
an hour here and they close the schools for a week!

Two REV2 as a stack.
I bought these used in Ocean City, MD.   I had a lot of fun flying them
too.  A great big improvement over the Backtracker.  One day I met a guy
from a local kite club and from there I found other REV flyers in my area.
A whole new world opened up.  Some of those folks can control a REV without
any flying lines at all.  Just the power of their minds, or so it seemed to
me.  They helped me and my recommendation to all others interested in
learning four line kites is SEEK HELP FIRST!!  No book or video can equal
that hand holding experience of direct assistance.  The other day one of my
role models came over and acknowledged my thousands of hours practicing.
"You look pretty good flying that now Paul.....  Here try this next".  I
was feeling damn proud until he put both of my REV handles into one hand
and proceeded to do an axel directly over my head.  "Let me know when you
can do that with either hand and I'll show you something else."  Geeze,...
and I thought I was getting it!

I eventually replaced all the spars with Sky Sharks (2P and/or 3P,
depending on the conditions) based upon recommendations and my direct
observations.  I also removed the bridle for a little quicker input to the
kite frame.  I lightened the flying line down to 50# spectra,... which is
more than sufficient in all winds even as a stack.   I will eventually get
around to sewing the elastics shut and removing the little knots and stuff
from the back of the sail.  I swapped in the old stretched out sails
finally this winter for the new Neo pattern and now they look as good as
they fly. One of the great things about the REV Company is their policy
about trade-in, parts and new product introductions.  They keep you looking
good and excited about their products.  Too bad they won't do custom stuff
on request.

REV2 indoor SUL
I witnessed the group 3D flying one day............. Oh my god!!  I've
gotta' do that too.  They were knocking each other hats off using the
kites, laughing ang carrying on.  I sat down on a picnic table drinking a
can of coke and one of those goofy guys would land a tipstab right in the
hole in the can.  I employed one of the REV master flyers to teach me a few
basics and at the end of the lesson he gave me a custom icarex indoor REV2
as a gift.  I still am not worthy of this kite after a couple of  years!!
He built it to fly in a basement (with a seven foot ceiling) for his indoor
competition practice.  I guess a gym would seem pretty spacious after
working out in that little confined area.  It's pretty touchy but that's
how he wants it to fly.

REV1.5 SUL and the REV 1.5 Vented
I was ready for the next step up in REVs when the 1.5 was introduced.  I
bought them both together so no matter what the conditions were on the
delivery day I'd be covered.  You know what,........ it RAINED that day!  I
have since replaced the rods, the bridles, the fittings and made several
different line sets for these kites.  They also fly on 50# spectra.  It
would seem to me that with four lines to distribute the load that is all
that's ever needed.  I fly 'em in all different wind conditions and I have
never had a problem.  That bridle, made by Revolution could be used by a
tow truck,... so I took it apart and matched all the dimensions with 100#
dacron flying line.  A little lighter in weight and better looking also.
There are no knots either, it's all sewn so there's one less thing for the
flying lines to get hung up on during ground maneuvers.

REV 1.5 Standard.
I bought this kite just to get the free REV t-shirt and kite pin. 
I have replaced all the spars.  Actually all three of my REV 1.5s fly on a
3P leading edge with 2P down spars most of the time.  I just switch to the
vented model as the winds pick-up or to the SUL if the winds die down.
There are advantages to using the same line sets and handles for all three
models.  I have the old frames with me if I ever need them but I like the
flex and light weight of the Skyshark frames.  I keep waiting for it to
break up in high winds, but it hasn't happened yet.

I have acquired several different handles over the years.  My favorites are
a custom set of extended aluminum handles.  I was advised to remove the
little metal "vees" in the handle ends and replace them with dacron line
pulled through the end cap rubbers.  You lark's head the dacron line onto a
small nail pushed through the hole in the handles and just slide the rubber
piece back over the nail after carefully trimming the nail to the proper
length, the diameter of the tube.  This prevents any intanglements and I
would recommend this as an option for all other REV flyers.  If you don't
like it you can return the handles to stock without much effort.  Only
requires pliers to bend the "Vees" back in shape.  Most REV flyers have a
series of spaced out knots attached to their handles for small length
adjustments on the flying line.  My adjustment knots are only on the
bottoms.  Using this configuration means extreme care must be exercised to
insure your line sets are exactly the same length.  Particularly if your
going to use the lighter weights.  I switch the top and bottom flying lines
after every use and my neighbors occasionally catch me out in the condo
hallway late at night making small adjustments.

REV 1 Standard.
The original.  I just wanted to see how precise it actually was compared to
the other REVs.  It's still stock and I fly it on 75#  Kevlar using the
extended plexiglass REV handles I bought someplace.  This kite is a
completely different vehicle, much slower than the other REVs I own.
Fun,.......but different too.  It's all ready for REV wars with that kevlar
fighting line.  Call me to schedule a battle.... the loser buys lunch!
It is very precise and good for slow motion practice.  I like speed!

Six Pack of baby REVs.
I saw those goofy kiters flying stacks one day at the Washington Monument.
Man, I need one of those in my bag too!  The problem is.... I don't sew and
they wouldn't make one for me for money either.  We eventually reached an
acceptable "exchange" and my babies were created out of 1/2 ounce rainbow
icarex with carbon microrods.  They fly on standard REV2 handles and the
key word in flying them is "touchy".  These kites are so sensitive that any
other quadline kite is pretty easy by comparison.  They are about three
feet long and maybe ten inches high each.  They are certainly the most
spectacular sight on the flying field.  It doesn't take but a second to
draw a crowd and then everyone wants a turn.......... caution
though.......... a steep learning curve is ahead!!  These kites stay
attached as a stack and of course they fly on 50# spectra too.  If it
howling nuclear winds outside I will go to 80#, but not very often.  I
guess if I can find some method of influence (or blackmail) to use on the
maker I would expand the stack to a twelve pack someday.  I keep having to
remind myself that you must fly the back kite in the stack, not the front
one.  And you don't try to untangle 'em in the air if you screw up!!
Quickly land it and go fix the kites that have flipped over or become
tangled.  Otherwise you'll be there on the ground for an hour while
everyone else is flying.

Other quadline stuff stuck in there:
It is for people with no previous quad experience to beat up on.  Bag kites
are fun and durable, slow and graceful with lots of pull.  I've offered it
to people standing next to me and they look at me kinda' funny and say
"that doesn't even look like fun!"  I will go out after a thunderstorm
sometimes,.... you know right behind the passing front.  The wind is
nuclear, the grass is soaking wet and that Quad is dragging me all over the
lawn.  I come home muddy but with that big ol' smile on my face.  My wife
doesn't approve of those fly days.

Zero Wind Deca
It's so different from my other quads that I need to make a committment
and not bring any other stuff out to the field until I've got the hang of
it.  The flex in the frame bothers me but I will get it eventually.  I just
received it and it's only been airborne twice.

Custom Icarex X-Wing
I have an X-Wing which was made by the designer, Jeff Irons.  It's a great
kite, very durable and it also draws a crowd whenever it's pulled out.  I
happened to give one to a friend for his wedding present and when he told
me how much fun it was I decided to order my own,... So we'd have something
to discuss.  We don't live near each other, although I do see him
occasionally for business.  BFK told me they only received a handful (4?)
and they were all gone.  I then got the phone number for Jeff who
graciously took my money and created the kite for me.  It pulls a lot
harder than the REV family even the big REV1.
The middle portion of the sail is square with two little wings sticking out
of either end at about forty degrees.  It is the same top and bottom but
the little "x-wings"  keep it from flying like the Symphony.  A beginner
can enjoy it.... the experts make it sing!

A Symphony Quadline.
I purchased this kite used from the Classified Ads Page.  Seldom flown,...
in great condition..... make me an offer and it can be in your bag soon!
It side slides super but I need to practice with it more also.  It is so
similiar left/right, top and bottom that I get confused after spinning it
around a few times and can't follow what's next to straighten it out.  I
get so frustrated and then go pull out the REV 1.5s again for relaxation.

The future:
This January I ordered a couple of Peter Lynn's new N-Gen traction kites
from Andrew Beattie.  Eventually he will get around to sending them
together with a folding buggy so I can explore yet another kiting option.
He swears traction kiting is the best part of our vice, but I think I will
always be a REV flyer first and foremost.  I haven't thought about
competing as of yet, I'm just out there for fun.  REVs are the best kites I
have ever experienced.  It is just a matter of funding until I have their
new Speed Series also.
I won't go into all the dual line stuff or the fighters,.... etc. in my
kite bag,... but I will close out with the words of my lovely bride.

"Do you really NEED another kite or do you just WANT it?"

I look forward to flying with each and everyone of you eventually.
Paul R. LaMasters


A couple of other Rev related notes, from me...

It would seem that The Decorators are coming to North America next
February. Michigan if I remember right? When it will be really really cold?
Well, I'm certainly thinking about making the trip especially since the
Verdun festival in Montreal was cancelled this year...

Tomorrow, for no other reason than I haven't gotten a new rev in a while, I
am going to take advantage of some old stock and buy a proper Rev II . My
current one that I have, the II SUL, is a great kite, but, I would like a
higher wind version as well, and, there is a nice asymetric in teh shop so,
I'll treat myself to a spring Rev. I am still waiting for my replacement 4
wrap rod that I broke last week or so, I had teh Supersonic out in some
14-18 MPH  winds this afternoon. Well, a bit fast for my liking, so I left
Vanier, where I usually fly and found a slightly less windy park that is ok
for flying sometimes...

And, that's about it from me, it's been a very busy two weeks involving a
moving of households, thus, I'll go to bed early and go fly all day


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