REVisions 1.8, March 14th, 1998

Date: Sat, 14 Mar 1998 10:24:40 -0800
To: REVisions
From: David Hathaway 
Subject: REVisions 1.8

Well, it would appear to be that time again, time for yet another REVisions, and, this time,
it's only been two weeks! Not bad!

A couple of administrivia things to start with..

Don't forget that all past and previous mailings get archived the same day on the REVisions
web site, located at :

If you need to get off the list, or, your email address changes, please let me know at , or, if you know of someone else who would like to get the mailings,
have them send me a note to the same address. 

Being that there is now exactly 50 people on the list, I'd probably like to have some more postings
to include with each mailing, so, gather your thoughts, ideas, etc and email them to me for the
next mailing. The more the merrier, I say, it allows for even more stuff to be shared...


On with it...

From: tom arbster  
Subject: Re: REVisions Note! 


just for your info,,, if you want a blast when flying your rev... 

hand one of the handels to a friend and then let him fly one side and you fly the other... 

Troy Gunn and I tried it this weekend , and we were not too bad, and we both thought it was a BLAST... 

maybe this is what we need to do to have True team flying.. 

yak later.. 


Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 20:14:54 -0500 
Subject: First day out with the new Supersonic. 

About a week and a half ago I found out that REV had new designs...
A few days later I found the gallery photos of the Supersonic...
On Saturday I flew my new Supersonic for the first time!

After a long conversation with Dan @ GWTW I decided to go for the
Supersonic instead of the Shockwave.  My first thoughts were that I'd
prefer the Shockwave because it had more pull, which can be a plus if
viewed as feedback from the kite.  I also thought that, being the larger
of the two, it might be a bit less touchy.  Dan suggested that both
kites in the speed series fly more or less the same with the exception
of pull, so I bought a Supersonic.

As Howard <> mentioned with the Shockwave, the
Supersonic does seem to oversteer relative to my 1.5.  It also seems to
slide laterally quite easily, in fact I found it tough NOT to slide
during spins and carved turns.  In two line terms I guess the kite has
more of a radical style to it than the 1.5.

Don't get me wrong, I had a great time with the kite in the short time
flew it thus far (~1 hour).  I managed to pull off a couple of stalls
and flat spins that I never managed with the 1.5.

When the wind is more stable I'll get it out again and let you all know
how it goes.  I suspect that once I get used to the increased agility
I'll have trouble going back to an older model.

How will a set of UL handles change the control with the Supersonic? 
Has anyone flown the new SLE 1.5?
Any word on when REV's Website will be back up?


Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 14:23:42 -0800 
From: Walter Thompson  
Subject: Photos 

Hey Monkey-Boy,

Nice shots of the Sonic (SS or Rev's designation - SuperSonic). This has
become my favorite kite lately and I have been flying it to the exclusion
of all my other Revs. The 1.5s feel neglected, I think, but learning what
the sonic can do and how to do the nearly impossible has been a challenge.

Nice site. Keep up the good work. By the way, do you know what has happened
to the official Revkite site? It has been under construction for quite some

(editors note : I *DO* answer to monkey-boy if you run into me on the street)

From: "duane starr"  
Subject: Supersonic SUPER! 
Date: Tue, 3 Mar 1998 07:04:23 -0800 

Hi David,
Congradulations on the trip to Hawaii I think you may not want to come back.
I got my Supersonic last week and (black and red) it turns out to be all you
said and more. The amazing part about it is all the tricks you never
realized you could do in reverse. This kite should make product of the year
and I'm not joking, you certainly get your moneys worth both in construction
and new possibilities. The winds here in Albuquerque were 25 to 40 all last
week with temps in the 20 to 45f range and I still got in as much flying as
I could whenever the winds slowed down enough. Ground slides, reverse
eights, you name it you can do it with this kite. Although the kite seems
heavy at first I had no trouble launching in 3 to 5 as the sail area is
actually quite large due to the width and size of the panels. Flat 360's and
glides are great as the foil shape seems to give the kite quite a bit of
extra lift in face down manuvers. Pulling the kite out of the sky at the top
of the window and watching it rotate around to a full recovery is really
kewl. Well thats my 5 cents worth anyone whos's wondering if this kite is
worth it should not delay buy today. Anybody who cares can contact me at to talk Rev's. and flying in general.
P.S. David just go for it and enter Novice Quad in Hawaii, good luck and
good winds
Gotta Fly, Duane Starr

Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 10:38:07 +0000 
Subject: subscribe 

     Last year i built my own rev I, a great kite to fly but tips & tricks 
     are always welcome. Please add me to your mailing list.
     Best breezes,


(originally sent to STACK)

Date: Fri, 13 Mar 1998 10:47:42 -0800 
From: Simon Dann <"simondann"@dial[dot]> 
Subject: Judging of Quad Indi and Pairs. 

I have a problem as a Quad Indi flyer.  I don't know what the judges
think 100% is with a quad kite.  I would think that as in dual line
where an 8 foot kite is assumed.  That in Quad Line a Rev 1.5 is
assumed, purely as the most used Quad kite.
Please comment.
____   Simon Dann 


Date: Fri, 6 Mar 1998 14:35:03 -0800 (PST) 
From: Yahia Riad  
Subject: Egypt Kite 

Im here because I'm a kite friend of Penny Anderson
I live in Egypt and I have many planes and dreams for the kite sport
I will be very delighted if you include me in your mailing list and
condider me as your Middle East kiter
I started kiting 4 years ago , all that time Ive been a double struing
Got my first rev. 2 days ago
I hope to be your kite friend too
Kitefully yours
yahia riad


And, finally, me!

Anyways, when I last mailed out, I was getting silly cold feet over competing in Hawaii...but,
before I get to that...

Revolution's web site is now back, which is nice to see. Great details on all of the new Revs,
and a pretty nice job on the site as a whole. My only complaint from a web site design geek
type of perspective is that the site doesn't fit nicely onto a 640x480 screen size, requiring
scrolling to  get to the stats on each of the kites. A minor issue, but, I did talk with
someone earlier this week who was wondering where the heck the stats were on the pages for
the individual kites. Reasonably easy to correct, and since I snuck Ron onto the list
( at Penny's insistence...), Ron, if you  need or want a hand with that, lemme know.

Speaking of Penny (Lingenfelter that is...), be sure to check out her postings in rec.kites regarding
the upcoming Washinton Fair where your kite making expertise could allow you to win a brand new Pfaff
sewing machine. Since Penny has brought SO many people to this list over the 6 some odd months
I have been running it, and since it was her initial prodding that got me off my butt to get the
list started in the first place (at world cup last fall), I hereby nominate her as
co-conspirator-geek for the REVisions list... She's also a pretty damn good Rev flyer too...

Ah yes, the trip to Hawaii!

Kites all nicely packed away, off we went to a trpoical paradise style vacation. I had gone to
great lengths to construct a reasonably non-destructible tube to carry my Revs in, thus, I figured
I was ready for anything, but upon arriving at the baggage claim, we waited. And waited. And waited.
No sign of my kites. Being that I had gone specifically to fly at the Hawaii Challenge, and , just
fly in general ( I like sandy beaches and warm weather, what can I say?), I was somewhat disturbed.
Finally, there is nobody left in the terminal past customs people and the lone Canadian Airlines
attendant, who now had a form in his hands, which he wanted me to fill out for a "loss claim".
LOSS? WHAT? NO KITES??? My four favorite Revs GONE????  (for the record, I took a Rev 1.5, a
vented 1.5, a Supersonic and a II SUL/3D) Well, maybe not gone, but, apparently they were either
still in Vancouver or on their way to Sydney, Australia...  Rule number one in the monkey guide
to getting things rectified is "Be calm, be nice, don't rant". So, with a behemoth effort, I bit
my tongue (as I WANTED to SCREAM!), and started filling out the form. And, lo and behold, all
of a sudden, my tube of Revs showed up on the baggage cart. I was saved! And, much happier for
some strange reason... Quite a way to start a kite flying trip...

I had it in my head that Hawaii was always windy. Well, thank you El Nino, no, it was not.
It was flyable for the most part, but, the majority of flying was done on my 1.5 with the SUL
frame in place as it was pretty non-windy much of the time. But, that being said, I am sure not
complaining, I had a fine time anyways, flying on various beaches, including the famed North
Shore (of North Shore Radical fame, one of the wierd DUAL line kites that people seem to like
a lot), and Sandy Beach. I also logged about 3 hours flying my II SUL/3D on 25 feet lines around
palm trees by our hotel, much to the apparent amusement of various beach spectators, who could
not quite believe that I would willingly taunt trees in such a manner. Final score, palm trees 0 ,
monkey 5. One thing to watch for, palm trees REALLY know how to hold onto a piece of line, so do
be careful. There is a huge pile of pictures from the trip, mostly of me flying various
Revs (yawn), at :

gotta love those digital cams...

I made new friends on the island (hi gerri and fred adler!) and hung around with old friends as well,
namely Ray Bethell, who also flys in Vancouver when he is not jetting around to various festivals.
Ray is the guy who rather adeptly flys three duals at once, and makes it look easy. Being a pit guy
for Ray most of the weekend at the festival is much like being a roadie for The Stones, or, a
helper to the king, and he is just a great guy for helping others as well. He was one of the people
who simply said, damn it, get out and there and compete you lazy monkey, you never know, and you'll
have fun...
Which leads nicely into "The Festival". The Hawaii Sport Kite Challenge is a long running competition
held in Waikiki, having been put on for more than 15 years by Robert Leora, and held in Kapiolani
park. Now, if you have ever been to this park, you'll understand why it is sometimes referred to
as "crapiolani" park, and, as Robert says, the main reason the word "challenge" is in the festival name.
 It's a gorgeous park, surrouned by trees and is bordered by Diamond Head on one side. The only "good"
 wind situation is when the trade winds are blowing from the east, and, surprise surprise, thank you
 el nino, they were not. Saturday's competition was a complete washout, with barely any wind at all.
 However, this did not stop me from flying, I simply dragged out the II SUL/3D and walked it around
 the park, and amused myself by learning how to do multiple 360s with it. I was even prepared to fly
 that combo in competition, but, thankfully, a wind rule was called and we took our chances on Sunday.
 And, Sunday was actually kinda windy for the most part, certainly flyable. I had the Supersonic out
 for much of the morning, spending some time expalining what the heck it was to anyone who asked, as
 they have yet to have any in the kites shops over there. I flew and flew and flew, trying to smooth
 out something resembling a routine. Penny (yes, her again) had suggested before I left that I should
 pick a slow piece to fly to, thus, I did, choosing King Crimson's "Two Hands" from the "Beat" album
 to fly to. Nice, slow, good dynamics, and non traditional kite music. It even has the word kite in
 it too, an added bonus... For various reasons, the field of competitors was somewhat small, leaving
 only 4 people flying in Open Quad, but that was enough to throw a scare into me anyways. Actually,
 I could have been the ONLY competitor and I would have been terrified, but, finally, the time came,
 and there I was, on the field and ready to go. Because the winds had died down a bit again, I
 decided to not chance the flight on the Supersonic (and I REALLY wanted to notch the first AKA
 points on a Supersonic, just for bragging rights) and went with my trusty 1.5 , knowing that I
 could control it much better if the wind died right out. So, after a miscue on the music side,
 off I went. My hands were shaking SOOOOOOO bad, I was convinced a handle would come flying out of
 my hands, but, cool nerves prevailed, and I managed to get thru the entire song, probably flying
 the best 3 and a half minutes of Rev flying that I have ever flown, even nailing the ending right
 on the note. Was I pleased? Damn straight I was. And, the results later in the day backed me up,
 I had taken first place in Open Quad. My personal opinion is that the thing I did the best was to
 make use of the entire wind window, and, instead of loading the routine with tricks and stuff, I
 simply played it safe and followed the music. I had one moment of terrible panic, as about half
 way thru the song, I lost all wind in the sail. Thankfully, the concept of "back up now and back
 up quickly dawned on my frazzled brain, and the kite stayed up...

VERY happy boy was I, and, now that I have the first comp. under my belt, I intend to compete this
season in the Northwest conference, most likely in Advanced , so I intend to practice my butt off
over the next few months, as I KNOW I can do more with that piece of music, and I doubt that the
odds will be that good next time in terms of amount of flyers, so I need to hone my skills MUCH
MORE between now and then. And, I intend to use the Supersonic as well next time.

SO that's that, it was a wonderful trip, highly recommended to anyone who likes nice, tropical
climates and some good flying...and great mai tais too!

Thats all for now, keep sending in emails for inclusion and I'll talk to you all again in about
two weeks....

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