REVisions 1.7, March 1st, 1998

Date: Sun, 01 Mar 1998 10:24:40 -0800
From: David Hathaway 
Subject: REVisions 1.7
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Ooops, missed a week, primarily due to a massive work load at the real job
and a massive load at the other real job, the one called "Life".

So, without any further ado...


Date: Sat, 28 Feb 1998 09:37:16 -0500 
From: Dave Petre  
Organization: Dave's Amusement Park 
Subject: Revs...what else 

I found your sight this morning...exactly what I'm looking for;
Information. Please put me on your mailing list to put me in touch with
other Rev flyers. I bought a 1.5 last year and just got two more to stack.
I've never seen a stack of Revs up close so I'm looking for advice. Several of your
links look very promising for what I'm looking for. I've only seen one Rev flying
around here south of Detroit, but I know there are more around.
Looking foreward to some email. Thanks, Dave Petre


Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 15:12:58 -0500 
Subject: I would like to SUBSCRIBE to  the REVisions mailing list. 

Can't get enough REV info!  I own a standard ('97) 1.5, SUL spars, two
length / strength line sets, and a few two line rigs.

I'm really looking forward to getting out and breaking some spars soon!,
the weather in New England has not been very good for flying of late.

I found your site while looking for information on the the latest
generation of Rev's.  Thanks for posting info and pictures of the
supersonic!  I plan to add a shockwave to my bag for the flying season
(after warming the wife up to the idea)


(editor's note : yes, my wife hasn't quite warmed up to the idea yet, since
I have bought 6 Revs over the last 6 months...)


(editor's note : yet another great lesson by Penny, included here...)

Date: Tue, 10 Feb 1998 12:44:13 -0800 
From: Penny & Steven Lingenfelter  
To: Ben Webster  
Subject: Re: Revolution II help 

Hi Ben, 

My name is Penny.  You've probably gotten more help then you need, but I
thought I would send you my 2 cents.  

With the Rev. 2 you want to make sure you have enough wind to fly. 
That is a big mistake that new people make.  

Here is the speech I give my students.

You fly the Rev's with your *thumbs*.  They are your *Speed control,
(fast and slow) your *Brakes, (stop anywhere, anytime) and your *Reverse
(anywhere you go with the bottom tips leading is reverse).

You hold the handles like you are holding the top and bottom of the
kite.  This means your hands should be parallel at most times. I.e. If
the kite is on tip, your arms should be turned one on top of the other
just like your holding it there. 

The "bottoms" of the handles are your *forward, and your *steering. 
Where you point the bottoms is where it will go!  

You should make sure both hands are even on the handles. (unless your
line is not equalized, in which case you must compensate) Keep in mind
that some people are very right handed or left handed.

You will usually find you can tell what a Rev. is doing just by watching
them hold their handles. 
Basic Launch:
I teach people ~Up and In~ with the bottoms of the handles.  If you
launch pointing  to the right with the bottom of your handle, it is
going to go right.  If you point to the left, it will go left. If you go
right and left, it is going to confuse the heck out of it! 

Try to launch with the handles inside your lines, Just till you get the
hang of it.  Remember anywhere you point the bottom of those handles is
where that kite will go!  
You can also try lowering your hands slightly on the handles to slow
your speed down.

Lesson 1:
Launch the kite forward, but bring it down ^as soon as you get off of
the ground!  Not even head level.  If it starts to go right, put more
pressure on the left thumb to bring that wing back down.  If it starts
to go left, put more pressure on the right wing.  It's just like
steering a horse! 

   Once you've practiced up/down low, take it higher and work on
bringing it down ~evenly. Try this till you feel the control in your

*Stop the kite by pushing your thumbs down.  (This will be a handle
rotation, NOT the whole handle lowered)  You can throw your handles
forward some as you do this or simply push your thumbs down. 

Now you're ready for a simple slide right. Take the kite up high. Then
move both arms to the right and the Rev. slides right.  Vice Versa to
the left.  When you spin left,  you push on your right handle to stop it.  You have
to be ready to react, especially with a Rev. 2. 

Practice with the handles and think about what you have to do to make
that wing do what you want it to. 
Even stopping *upside down is thumbs down.  What that does is tighten
the top of the line, which is now the bottom of the kite, sending it up
just like a forward launch.  Practice reverse up off of the ground. 
That way your easier on the kite. (You hold your hands different for
this. I'll get back to you on it later if you like)

Turning kite over for a ground launch:
When the kite is face down, leading edge (long top)  away from you, on
the ground, you can turn it over for an easy forward launch.  Always
keeping all lines tight, push down on the thumb that you wish the kite
to flip over to. 

I tell people to keep their arms and handles parallel to their bodies
*like a wheel on a wagon. (picture your arm as the wheel, your body as
the wagon) If you pull your arm away from your body as you turn the
kite, chances are you will pull it out of the wind window. 

It depends on the wind as to how much movement you need for this.  If it
is light wind you will want to use a whole forward-to back thumbs down
circle. (as far as your arm will reach) also putting pressure on your
other thumb to create lift, making the turn easier.  

In heavy wind a simple tweak with the thumb will flip it and you better
be ready with the other hand to stop it from turning all the way over!

You can do whatever you can imagine with a Rev.  Indoors and out.  The
basics are fun and easy to learn.  Then you can challenge yourself for
the rest of your life!  The really kewl part is it becomes totally self
launching.  No kite dog (crew) needed.

Remember you do "Whatever it takes to fly a Rev."  There is no right or
wrong way.. Whatever works!

I hope some of this will be of help to you. We have an e-mail REVisions
newsletter. If you would like to receive it, let me know.  I would be
happy to have your name added to it.  We answer questions, and share
tricks, etc. 

Best Breezes, 
Penny Lingenfelter.


Date: Mon, 09 Feb 1998 10:49:25 -0800 
From: Penny & Steven Lingenfelter  
Subject: Re: REVisions 1.6 

> be stocking up? What will we use for 3-D flying? I really don't like the
> 1.5 for it. Has anyone tried any of the new models for 3-D flying?
>         Just another thought, based on the spec's it looks like all the new
> models take more wind to fly than the old1.5, has anyone tried them in
> light wind??
>         Howard Gordon

There will be a new 3-d kite in the future, you can count on it.  We 
have seen David Brittain fly the new Rev. indoors at W.C.  

> Right now I am using the stock handles that come with the Rev II. I've
> heard people make reference to using oversized or SUL handles for their

> Revs. Do these make that much difference? Also, are there big
> differences in brands/styles?
> Thanks !
> Chris

SUL handles are easier on your wrist, Chris.  They are quicker and
sharper. It only takes a little while to get use to them.  At the same
time they make it easier to over control the kite. 
It is personal preference.  I use the Rev SUL for everything from indoor
to out.  They are just more comfortable and easier on my grip for long
hours of flying.

Best Breezes,

(further editor rambling...The indoor kite Penny (and I) saw at World Cup
was really a Supersonic...Brittain was just able to fly THAT indoors too...)

Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 20:22:06 EST 
Subject: Re: REVisions 1.6 

WOW!! A lot of info in one e-mail. And to think I almost erased it without
reading it. What a monstrous screwup that would have been. 

Do you know of a video that shows the various maneuvers described above.  I
have a 1.5 and 1,5 sul. I have the UL handles which I also use with my Ultra.
The reghandles I use on the i.5. If I don't, I get really bad pain near one

Ever think of having a friend order for you from Dan??

Keep up the great work.


 (editor's note : Well, I only live 3 hours from Seattle, so, if I decide
to, it's easy enough to get a Rev...)

(editor's note 2 : I have no friends.)


Date: Mon, 9 Feb 1998 19:54:04 -0500 
From: Howard <> 
Subject: Some new thoughts 

First, I must say it's fun reading other experiences with a Rev, thanks for
the info.
        Well I now have had a chance to fly the new Shockwave. I flew it
with the UL handles and 75lb 75' line in about 10 mph wind.
        Looks like the line was not over taxed at this point so I wonder
why the need for 100 or 150 pound line. The kite was very fast forward but
I felt like I needed a drink when I was done. Lots of oversteer!!
        Tried some of those "tricks" I had heard about where you pull on
the 2 top lines and watch the kite to a kind of 3-D move. Has anyone else
tried it? It looked neat but a few times the kite took a dip and went down
rather than circling back.
        Next time out I need to try it on short lines, but I think lower
wind too. I did fly it in about 3 to 4 winds the first time and was
surprised that it did fly pretty well. The kite feels so heavy I didn't
think it would even go up but it does. So when will they have an ultra
light leading edge for it :o)


And, as is tradition, I'll close out this mailing....

Take a moment, right now, and get your jealousy up and running...

Got it? Feeling green with envy yet? (I know, it's not easy being green..)

Good. I am off to Hawaii (Oahu to be specific) for 6 days next week.
Partially for the Hawaiian Sport Kite Challenge, partially cuz it'll be fun
and I have never been there...I might even fly in quad novice, but, the
weather here has been SOOOO rainy that I have not even a scrap of a routine
done, so, maybe not. If I get enough flying in during the first few days,
maybe.  So, we planned, we saved, we looked at Hawaii web sites, thinking
ourselves "prepared". But, no, how to get some Revs to Hawaii without any
destruction? Too long to fit in a suitcase...(for the trivia nuts, a Rev
1.0 is 42 inches long when folded up...)

Since travelling with kites is a standard rec.kites topic, I had a few
ideas, and one saturday afternoon and $42.00 (canadian, must be about $3.00
USD by now...) I have a "travel case" for the Revs. Basically, I bought a
44 inch piece of that heavy duty black PVC plastic tubing, capped both
ends, added a strap, and voila! instant indestructibe Rev Road Case. I
intend to put pictures onto the REVisions site when I get a second or two.
It fits three Revs quite snugly, possibly four if I REALLY rolled them up.
The 3 that got teh green light for the trip to Hawaii are :

"Normal" Rev 1.5
Vented Rev 1.5
Rev Supersonic

and, if I can, I may take the II with me as well.

Speaking of the vented rev, I finally had a windy enough day to actually
fly it just last week. Weather in Vancouver has been utterly evil of late,
being mostly rainy and dead calm, so, last weekend, a big wind came up, on
a rainy day. So, I toddled off to Vanier Park, dressed for the rain and
flew for four hours in on and off again rain. And, well, besides being wet,
it was simply a great time. And, I also got teh supersonic up in the high
winds as well and was MOST PLEASED with it's behaviour. Quicker than
anything, it was just as much fun in the higher winds as the lower winds.
And, if you are REALLY lucky, and you have muddy ground, I have found that
the leading edge will go about 6 inches into mud if you let it...


Enough for now, must do some packing. Keep sending submissions to, ie, anything, festivals, rev ideas, Rev tricks, mods,
ect and I'll see you all when I get back...

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