REVisions 1.6, February 8th, 1998

Hah! So much for last REVisions prediction of a new mailing every two
weeks! But, three weeks isn't so bad, and life has been very hectic lately...

onto the notes,

Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 22:20:01 -0500 
From: Howard Gordon <> 
Subject: Thoughts to ponder 

I have just gotten a copy of Revolutions new catalog and there are no Rev1
or Rev11 in it. Just for fun I called there to ask if they are
discontinuing them. The person on the phone wasn't sure but said they
probably were.
        That being the case for those of us who still love them should we
be stocking up? What will we use for 3-D flying? I really don't like the
1.5 for it. Has anyone tried any of the new models for 3-D flying?
        Just another thought, based on the spec's it looks like all the new
models take more wind to fly than the old1.5, has anyone tried them in
light wind??
        Howard Gordon


Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 07:58:55 -1000 
From: Christopher Richardson  
Subject: Handles 

Hi All !

Right now I am using the stock handles that come with the Rev II. I've
heard people make reference to using oversized or SUL handles for their
Revs. Do these make that much difference? Also, are there big
differences in brands/styles?

Thanks !


Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 12:08:00 -0800 
From: Penny & Steven Lingenfelter  
Subject: [Fwd: New Indoor Revolution Launches] 

Hi Peter,
I hope this is the right e-mail address. 
I thought I'd explain some moves I've been playing with that makes
launching a Revolution from any direction easy.

A 3D type launch, made easier.  The kite goes from laying flat in a dead
launch to slicing through the air, 1-3 inches over your head, to pop up
behind you inverted and fly in one second.  You don't blink, duck down,
or turn around.   This is not a pull and dodge move.

A *Guillotine launch~ The Revolution laying down/face down, with the
leading edge towards you. Pull handles up to *head level and step
forward, flying the kite smoothly *behind you in one swoop. 

Here's one perfect for those  western saloon parties.

A *Can-can launch~ The Revolution laying down/face up, leading edge away
from you.  Pull softly, catch the sail with toes and kick up and 
overhead to
launch face down behind you, pop up inverted and fly behind you. the
slower the better. Again don't look back, don't bend down! With practice
this becomes a quick smooth move!

These are both fun moves to teach beginners.
keeping in mind it's all in how you bend your toes! :D 
Have a great day!

Best Breezes,
Penny Lingenfelter  rkd2/#kites

Date: Wed, 28 Jan 1998 14:17:46 -0500 
From: "Peter C. Hugger"  
Subject: Revisions Post 

Thanks for all the work on the web site. I love it! My son and I have
been flying Revs for over a year. We currently own a 1.5 and a 1. We
started out with regular handles and have since switched to the ULs.
Just now I'm in the midst of building an indoor Rev - sort of a 1.8
size. It will end up with an 80" LE and hopefully it will be light
enough for indoor use. I've gotten great advice from Penny and others on
sparring. I'll probably end up starting with GForce ULs in the LE. I
also have a Zero Wind Decca that has been getting some air time
recently. My son is having a birthday and he asked for a Rev II. I was
thinking about surprising him with one of the new Speed series and
started asking around about the different models. I think I've decided
on a Super Sonic, the smaller model. Does anyone have experience with
comparing the two models? I know the Super Sonic is advertised as having
less pull than it's larger brother. What other differences are there?

Peter C. Hugger

Date: Thu, 05 Feb 1998 18:48:37 -0800 
From: Simon Dann  
Subject: Re: NEW INDOOR TRICK!!! 

Penny & Steven Lingenfelter wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> Congratulations on placing in Belgium!  I do wish I could have been
> there. The next best thing was to write and beg for information!

> Would you share with me what you saw, and why you think First and
> Second  won those spots. What types of moves?  Transitions, etc.  What
> did you like, what do you think needs to be changed.  Did anyone get any
> video?
> Thanks ahead!
> Best Breezes,
> Penny Lingenfelter

Penny I hope you dont mind I have also sent this to David at ReVisions,
hope thats OK with you. - jeanette
Indoor Competition in Lint Belgium
Here goes.  first off go have alook at Peter Peters kite site, the
Indoor Section this will tell you the rules and figure flown plus the
various tasks goto:-

Most flyers were using Icarex kites, I was using a standard Rev SUL 1.5
& 1.
This put me at a disadvantage right from the start.  My kites weigh
twice as much as these Home made kites.  They have no bungy, and use
"indoor specific" spars very very light. The guy who came first used a
Rev 2 style kite, Second place Lady used a Rev 1.5 style. No one used
bridles. No sleeving on lines - I use Shanti, I'm sponsored by them and
I also think its the best.  1&2 used SUL Rev handles, I used a set of
specially extended handles, this gives more control and I can flatten
the kite out more.  This compensates slightly for the extra weigh, but
not enough.
When competing you fly one task from each group then pick a bonus task.
We all flew the figures OK no outstanding scores. Then in the Speed
section a lot of it comes down to luck, IE if the time keeper is quick
in pressing the button....that my excess and I'm sticking with it.  I
think a radar style time gate would be better.  Freestyle or ballet are
then flown.  The top two both flew ballets which were very well inked to
the music with good linking of moves to the music and not just flying
with music in the background.  It was obvoius that the routines had been
practiced "often" and well written.  They include humour to please the
crowd and involve them.  I always find it hard to say what they included

as I find that there is no one move its a continuous flow with the
music.  Sorry I cant be of more help.  One part that does stand out is
Janettes flying to "Love and Marriage" when the music says:- love and
Marriage, love and Marriage goes to gether like a horse and carriage. 
She did and up and over and didnt turn with the kite but walked away
from it, there by flying inverted at head height.  And then tipped each
wing tip up in time with the music - like a horse pulling a carriage.
Very clever !!
In Freestyle Deitrich (may be spelt wrong) did a nice move again with an
up and over and again with out moving but this time flying the kite out
to one side.  this looked like a bull fighter and I really liked it.  I
spent some time with Deitrich, and we agreed on alot of what make a good
indoor routine.  He only competes indoors and his kites are made for
that.  they are real indoor Revs Super Light !!! He has avery smooth and
controlled style very few trick but very precise.  I didnt fly a ballet
I can't yet find a good piece of 2 minute music.  So I fly Freestyle
only, I did lots of 3D tricks Up an Overs. either form the ground
pulling up and over my head into a landing behind me and then launching
inverted and climbing as high as possible inverted, I then snap 90 and
do a real slow 360 in reverse. Stop and the fly forward, stop, fly tips
down with LE Level to the ground (not at an angle-thats cheating)then
back up so LE vertical, fly real slow with the LE vertical and then push
your top hand away from you the kite then floats on a cushion of air and

while it does you pull the opposite hand and the kite turns and flys out
in the opposite direction into up and over and as it comes down do a
flat spin [this didn't go full 540 so I may have lost marks for that ??]
I then do another up and over and then do 3 quick snap 90 turns. Because
of the type of hall (small) I then flew with the LE vertical and tapped
the wall and bounced of to go backwards, then stopped went forwards and
tapped the wall again [because the crowd loved it the first time !!!
:-)] I then tried to pull round into an upand over onto a balcony [just
missed it ] so I landed and did some catches and throws, on the second
throw I landed the left LE tip on a line on the floor and did a tip drag
along the line [it was a line right in front of the judges !!] when I
got to the back boundary I called out.
That's about it, the Icarex Revs could do real nice slow flat axles,
high in the air.  The Icarex Revs definately float better because they
are so light...

Regards from Simon Dann..
My results in the order flown, 4th Compulsories, 3rd 360's and 2nd
Freestyle. 3rd overall. PS. Deitrich got 3 Firsts... He was the best
Indoor Quad flyer there, anyone else could have come second thru to
eighth, IMHO.
PS. Paul Hankin, Chris Matheson and I travelled the furthest 700 mile
round trip in a day and a half.  Arrived at the flyers meeting to be
told the maximum line lenght had been reduced !!! I had to cut and
measure lines in 4 minutes....
Thats the excusses out of the way...  :-) I had a great time and would
not have missed it for the World.


And, as usual, I go last...

A couple of points re: the postings above...

After Howard's note, I got to thinking about a 3D Supersonic, and we both
kinda came to the conclusion that it'd be pretty tough to treat the new
Revs as 3D kites, primarily because of the dual bridle points on the bottom
of the kite, but, on the other hand, I do intend to try the SS inside, as
it's ability to float  horizontally should make for some very neat indoor

With regards to the Rev catalog, it appears that the Rev 1 and the Rev II
are both special order items now. Dan from GWTW confirms this. Since the
kite store here in Vancouver has a few IIs in stock, I think that I'll get
a couple of spares, just in case...

Handles : I have a tendency to always use the SUL handles myself. I find
them to slow the kite just a bit, and add some further precision, although
I could be wrong as I haven't even had my "usual" Rev handles on a kite for
a long time. I always seem to use Rev handles, but, the Synergy people have
a very nice set of handles that I'd liek to try, and the TC Ultra handles
that I have are ok to use, I just find that I don't like the grip as much
as the Rev handles.

On other news, a couple of weeks ago I got rather bent out of shape with
Revolution themselves, and while I have cooled about this significantly,
I'll comment on it regardless, cuz I still think it's unfair...

Basically, in a nutshell, if you live in any of the following countries :

Austria - Fly High - Wien
Canada - Cerfs-Volant Azur - Quebec
France - Icare - La rochelle
Germany - Wolkensturmer - Hamburg
Italy - Alivola Kites - Rieti
Japan - Flying Colors. Inc. - Tokyo
Netherlands - Vlieger Op. - Holland
New Zealand - Rainbow Flight - Nelson
South Africa - The Kite Shop - Cape Town
Switzerland - Active People - Oberwil
United Kingdom - T.K.C. Sales - Bath 

you'll notice a distributor for Revolution products, and that is where you
should be buying Rev stuff from. For example, I can no longer order a Rev
mail order from an american distributorship, such as BFK, or GWTW. 

I don't like this, I strongly feel that I should be able to buy whatever I
want from whomever I want, regardless of where they are located. I
practically live on the Internet, thus, I buy things that way on many
occasions. And, I also support my local kite dealer here in Vancouver
heavily by buying most of my stuff locally, but, I should be able to order
whatever from whomever, cuz it's MY buying decision. If I feel Dan from
GWTW services the bejesus out of me, and he has a Rev I want, I should be
able to order it from him, and at this point, I can not. I talked with
Revolution directly about this, and, they feel that they are helping their
distributors to make money, which is true, but on the other hand, I'm such
a capitalist swine, my feeling is that if you can not compete, then get out
of it... I had heard that a $200 dollar Rev sells for $600 in Japan, so, by
eliminating the access to american mail order for japanese customers, the
distrib. in Japan can continue to make the same (outlandish) profit on the

I am aware another Canadian who is also rather miffed by this and I suppose
as more people run across the "new rules" of Rev distribution, there will
be further comments. Are we canadians going to be asked for ID when we are
down in the States and looking to buy a Rev? Any difference between me
ordering a Shockwave via mail order or going directly into Dan's storefront
and buying it there? Not in my books, except that California is a bit of a

anyways, enough of the bitching maoning and complaining on my part. In
other news, Revolution has their web site down for an overhaul, so perhaps
there will be some cool new stuff when they get it done. And, if anyone can
get rid of the rain that has dampened my ability to fly every damn weekend,
let me know...

thanks again, seeya soon,

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