REVisions 1.5, January 15th, 1998

Date: Thu, 15 Jan 1998 21:45:23 -0800 
From: David Hathaway  
Subject: REVisions 1.5 (a familiar number) 

And welcome to the first REVisions newsletter/mailing list of 1998.

I'll let the other accumulated mailings go first this month, and I'll talk
about my first day with a Revolution Supersonic at the end, okay?

As I usually mention, feel free to mail anything you'd like to see included
in the next mailing, whether it is tips, tricks, traps, questions, or your
favorite way to make line sets for quad line kites. Send this to me, at and it will make the next edition, which should be about
two weeks fron now. Thanks for the kind words about the web site I whipped
up over the Christmas holidays as well. And, welcome to the 5 or 6 new
people that have joined the list as well...

Onto the emails...

From: (Barry Taylor/Linda Williams) 
Subject: REVisions 
Date: Fri, 2 Jan 1998 23:51:27 -0800 

Greetings all,
David mentioned the Revisions project to me a few months ago and may we all
congratulate him on the fine job.
I used to live in Vancouver, B.C. and was lucky enough to work from my house
which meant I would work at night and  go flying every day it was nice at
Vanier Park. For a time (about 2 1/2 yrs. ago) I was the only person flying
quad liners on a regular basis but there were a few around. Mostly folks
were flying two liners plus good ol` Ray Bethell of course (but he`s of
another species) so being a rebellious type I flew nothing but my rev 1 and
2, plus dancers (fighters) as no one flew them either. The dancer(s) still
are my favourite kite to fly especially when flown with 2 on one line but
this is about quad`s.
Last year I moved outside the city to a more remote spot but no Vanier Park
(or Garry Point). There are however, a couple of great beaches when the tide
is right and a couple of baseball fields. The wind doesn`t blow here, it
sucks but thank you kite developers for the crop of no wind kites!!!!!
Saying that, my partner and I have a 0 wind minergy deca and another 0 wind
deca coming soon as we fly indoors twice a week when the school  gym is
open. We have a deca 6 in the bag too. These shouldn`t be compared to the
rev`s at all.
I`ve also flown the zip zap (great fun changing the kites shape as it

flies), lomax (very interesting), David`s tc ultra`s (beautiful slow flat
axeler`s) and the rev 1.5. My fave is still the rev 1. Sorry all you rev
flyers but I`m not impressed with the 1.5. I like the extremes of the 1 vs
the 2 and don`t like the "best of
both worlds" of the 1.5 although it is a great kite.
I no longer fly mostly quads, as last year I rediscovered dual liners
especially with the purchase of a 3d and a spookie but still think quad
kites are where it`s at. Speaking of which I`m sure this year I`ll be up to
4 dancers on one line but that`s not really a quad  is it?
Anyway good stuff David and good flying to all of my fellow 4 line fliers
out there!!!
Take care,
Barry Taylor 

From: TyfoonDale  
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 1998 20:46:08 EST 
Subject: For The Mailing List 

Well, I just stumbled on this site and think it's quite grand.  Added my name
and caught up on all the previous issues.  Thought I'd add my two cents.

The quadlines in my bag include:
1 Rev I - This was the first rev I bought after seeing their video
1 stock 1.5 - Thank you, by the way, to Revolution.  They replaced my old sail
for free at the last AKA Nationals after they saw the "condition" it was in.
Let's just say it gets used alot.
1 custom "Rising Sun" Rev 1.5
1 custom Synergy Deca 15 panel - And I don't care what anyone says.  They're
great kites too.  Just watch someone who spends the same amount of time with
their decas as their revs and you'll see what I mean.
1 minergy for indoor flying
1 HQ Maestrale - No these aren't meant to be quadlined but with a new bridle

they can be quite fun.

The new rev prototypes:
I got to fly both of the new Revs at Wildwood.  I think everyone will be very
pleased with them.  I think the newer flyers might have some trouble with them
just because they ARE so fast and twitchy but with a little experience I'm
sure they could be just as fluid as the other revs.  The speed they are
capable of is incredible.  Starts and stops are instant.  90 degree clock turn
are even more precise.  Backward speed and precision....  Everyone will like
these kites.

Rev Axels:
Now I'm getting excited.  Rev tricks are my favorite.  The best way I know of
is to fly the kite backward across the window.  When it gets stable - pull
real hard on the top line while also giving the same line a hard reverse.  The
kite will be pulled onto its belly and start to rotate.  When the kite is
pointed away from you (leading edge away - tips toward you) give the line
another quick tug and it will complete the rotation and naturally go back into
the same position you started.  The neat thing about this method is you can
also do cointoss-type take offs with your rev (because you're already on one
of the wingtips).  Also, a common problem when people are learning this
trick...  Pull to the OUTSIDE not underneath your other arm like many people
do when they axel a dual line.  I see this all the time.
I've got about ten very neat Rev tricks that I don't see many people do.  If
you've got new ones let's trade ideas...

Now MY question for discussion.  What does everyone think of Magic Quad
Sticks????  Personally, I love them.  I think they help the kite in everyway

possible but I still get mean looks from other rev flyers.  People modify
their dual line kites all the time.  What's wrong with adjusting your rev a
little bit?

Hope to hear from anyone soon....


From: Westjast  
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 1998 10:15:53 EST 
Subject: REVisions 

I would like to be added to your list of REVisions recipients.  I have not
flown a quadline but I received a REV 1.5 as a Christmas gift.  I have not
taken it out of the package but I need help in deciding if I should start with
the 1.5 or trade it in for the 1.0.  I am also enrolled in Joe Hadzicki's
"Revolution: Structure, Shape and Control" at the Junction Kite Retreat in
May.  I am almost 70 years old and do not have the fast response of younger
fliers, but I do have a lot of time to practice

Jim West


And, well, that leaves the close of the letter to me...

As I insinuated at the start of this, I am now the very proud owner of a
Revolution Supersonic, quite possibly the first one in Canada... I had
pre-ordered mine eons ago from Dan at Gone With The Wind kites ( ) and I had been counting the days to the KTA
when the release was happening. Scanned sites constantly for any glimpses
of it. Once it left, via Fedex, I tracked it via the web. And, this morning
was the day. Vancouver has been -pretty- rainy lately, so I was rather
pleased to see SUN when I got up, and decided to throw linesets and handles
into the car, just in case I could whip out of work for a couple of hours.

So, I had prewarned our front desk that as soon as the fedex guy gets
there, FIND ME! Which, they did, and I scurried back to my wee cubicle and
unwrapped it. And after some initial "new kite confusion", it was set up.
Very nicely made, as is typical with any of my previous Revs. A couple of
things were apparent immediatly, first off, the leading edge is
"different". When I say different, I mean "much bigger". You could probably
fit TWO 2 wrap rods inside this thing.  Another "odd" thing was that the
end caps for the leading edge actually fit -inside- the leading edge spar,
much like a plug. Those rubber end cap extenders on the top vertical spars?
Much shorter. Actually, the whole kite is much shorter, shorter than a Rev
II. And tight, man is that skin tight on it. And those tiny little vertical
rods! So, my boss walks into the office, and, seeing the new Rev, suggests
that my time might be better spent at Vanier Park, flying, as it was bloody
obvious that I'd never rest. So, pager and cel in hand, off I went to try
it out.

And, you know, I spent two hours trying to come up with something bad to
say about this kite. I really tried to find a fault with it. Here's what I
came up with. I don't like aqua as a color on a kite. And that is it so
far. I had a gas with the Supersonic. It's very fast, even in the light
dodgy winds of today. Very precise, stops on a dime, possibly quicker than
a well yanked Rev 1 . I dare anyone to wrap the wing around when in
reverse, and believe me, I tried, the frame is just too stiff with those
extra two spars. But, you sure will like reverse with this kite. Easily the
quickest, most stable reverse of any Rev. 

The leading edge seems pretty damn durable, as the increased speed allowed
for a few increased speed ground crashes, at wierd angles. Not even a flex
out of it. The SLE (Super leading Edge) also drastically reduces the "flex"
that one often sees in Revs under pressure. I could go on for quite a
while, and I probably will next time in REVisions as well, but, my overall
first impression of this kite was simply great, rush out and buy one as
soon as you can, it really a fun kite to fly. I didn't get too far with it
as the winds were kinda low, but, from what I experienced, it was well
worth the money.

And in closing, I am thinking of competeing this year, in novice
quad....any tips anyone would care to share?

Thanks again, check the web site this weekend for pictures and details
about my new Rev....

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