REVisions 1.4, December 21st, 1997

True to my word, an actual new posting of the REVisions mailing list. Being that I have been swamped by Christmas shopping, no babbling from me this time except to say that I am anxiously awaiting my new Rev (anticipated delivery, 2nd week of January) and sort of tumbling ideas around for a Rev-specific kite web site, named aptly REVisions...more as this develops... As always, if you would like to contribute, send your submission to with a subject of REVisions... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 08:26:13 -0500 (EST) From: Michael Raycraft Subject: Re: REVisions To: David Hathaway Hello, David. Thanks for adding me to the mailinglist. As mentioned, I haven't been very active with revs until fairly recently, but am now trying to get in what time I can. I reckon that if I read enough about it, something's sure to stick. In addition to my stable of revs, I have an A1 Deca and a Tailspin Lomax (the latter a quad-line delta with flaps for those not familiar with it) en route to me even as we speak (Santa's being nice to me this year). (Hope that mention of non-Rev quads isn't a sacrilege around here.) Also, based largely on a late-night (Eastern Std Time) chatsession on #kites with HalfPenny a month or so ago I've ordered a vented Rev II for those high-wind days. Unh, can I get away with my 90# x 75' lineset for this kite, or should I go up a notch? I do have a set of 150# x 100' for big pull day fun with the rev I but that might be too long for the vented II, eh? Recently, Howard Gorden was asking: [...] >> How do you axel a Rev?? I recalled a thread about this on rec.kites a whiles back, and, while I didn't find the specific post in my brief look, I was able to come up with a couple of other posts by doing a dejanews search, copies of which are reproduced below. But I thought I'd start off with an excerpt from Pete Peters' excellent site describing tricks and moves, mainly dual but with a few quad moves in there: * * * * * >From Pete Peters' website (url at end) Quad line tricks - Axels Rev Axel The Rev axel is a similar move as the dual-line axel. Let some slack into one hand (say, the right) and in particular, push back the bottom. Then, in a single movement, flick the right hand, putting the emphasis on the bottom line and let slack out with the left hand. If you pull on the upper line, the kite tends to do an upright axel, more like a cartwheel. With the correct "flick", the kite should flatten out and spin flat. And here's an alternative description: With the kite moving across the window, throw out the hand that is connected to the bottom of the kite. This will let the kite flatten out. With the kite gliding flat through the wind, simply give a quick pull on the same hand that you threw out. Be sure to keep your wrist bent so that you are pulling the kite from the bottom line. The kite will spin around and as you put you hands back to neutral, your Rev will pop back into the wind. The kite can go around more than once in this spin (although it is easier in light wind). _________________________________________________________________ Remarks, additional info ? mail Peter Peters ().

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Now, the r.k posts:
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Subject:      Re: Revolution axel
Date:         1996/07/29
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Newsgroups:   rec.kites

There is a manuver looking similar to a dual line axel that can be quite
easily done with a rev II and not quite so easily done with a rev I.  The
easiest way I have learned is best accomplished with oversized handles
(ultra light or indoor handles) but they are not necessary.

The simplest approach for this manuver is full speed straight down.  As
you approach the ground, try to snap to a full stop then yank one handle
about two feet toward you.  This should, with practice, produce a spin on
the kites belly.

One other way is a bit more difficult.  The results are pretty impressive
though.  Again, it is best accomplished with oversized handles.  The
approach is again full speed but in this instance, it is straight across
(lets say from left to right).  When the kite is directly down wind,
instantly apply full brake to the right as you snap the right handle two
feet toward you.

And one other way, again best accomplished with oversized handles is a
much slower and graceful way.  The approach is once again full speed
strait down.  Suddenly applying full brakes as you feed the lines out will
cause the kite to "pancake" or "reverse turtle."  The kite is now face
down, leading edge away from you about 3 feet off the ground.  All you
need to do now is to snap either the left or the right lines toward you,
and you have completed a manuver that looks similar to the axel or pancake
or reverse turtle.

Dave Dickerson
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Subject:      Re: Revolution axel (y donde esta INTERCOM?)
From: (Rob JONES)
Date:         1996/07/22
Message-ID:   <>
Newsgroups:   rec.kites

Juan Miguel,

I'm sending this via rec.kites as my gateway cannot find your domain.

Yes it is possible, though not too easy to explain,

I find it easiest to climb high(ish) first then decrease the "angle of attack"
by extending the lower lines slightly until the Revolution stops .

Quickly,let out one side by extending your arm but keeping the angle of the
handle the same, Then "Snap" your extended arm back again.

If the kite is too upright (i.e. vertical) this will not work at all.

Hmmm,,,after reading this it doesn't sound so straightforward, But I found
I could axel (axle?) a Revolution before I could axle a 2 line kite.!

I hope this helps,


Rob Jones

p.p the Red Dragon Kite Club


Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 18:27:51 -0500
From: Sam Ritter 
Organization: Endless Possibilties
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Subject: REVisions Installment.

OK: Axelling a Rev.:

This is very hard to describe.  Start by getting the kite as flat as
possible where-ever you are in the window.  I usually start in a
vertical hover.  Now which-ever bottom tip is  lower, that's the
side to "pop".  You want to pop it so that the bottom tip side that
you "pop" leads the spin around.  My Axels usuall go through
a 430 degree spin, and end up leading edge down.

That's all I can really say about it.  I know this is kind of vague.
Try to think about what I've described, try it, and you'll get the
picture.  Also, the easiest kite to learn this on is the RevII.

Quads in my Bag(s):

Err.   I have SUL, Std and High Wind versions of all Revs except
for the RevII.  I don't compete with the RevII so when the wind gets
to a point of fear of busting spars on the Single and Stacked II's
I'll put the II's away and probably go buggy.

We fly team and pairs typically with the Rev I
We do alot of pairs with the 1.5 also.

I've typically competed with the RevI.

We've also got a "stack bag" This bag holds both of our RevI
stacks and then some.

I've got alot of stuff planned for the new Revs.  They open up
a whole new world of possibilities for quad competition.  More
in time . . . as I experiment.

I've also got 2 Deca 6's that have been in my garage for ages.

Mostly fly the Quadrifoils:  Comps and 2000's.  More on those
at another time.

Gotta go.



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Date: Tue, 16 Dec 1997 18:40:08 -0500
To: David Hathaway 
From: John Palmer 
Subject: Re: REVisions 1.3.1

At 05:41 PM 12/15/97 -0800, you wrote:
>What types of quad line kites inhabit your kite bag?

I had about 10 dual-line kites in my main bag.  The new Revs started moving
in and complained about needing room. A a small brawl broke out. The Revs
moved out to their own separate bag now.  I hear the dual-liners want to
sublet the remaining space.

My quad collection contains...
1 Rev I Asymetric, custom colors
1 Rev 1.5 UL
1 Rev 1.5 Std
1 Rev 1.5 Vented
1 Rev II
6 Rev 1.5's stacked

I usually fly on extended handles, on 65' or 80' 50# lines. Vented and
stack are on heavier 100' lines.

On the weird side.... I recently picked up a Spectra Sports "Solution" at
the Great Lakes Kitefliers's annual auction.  It's really a big bow-tie
suspended behind a fiberglass frame.  It flies like a quad (mostly), though
you really have to throw some extra motion in to get it out of a spin. The
frame shifts while flying so the response back to the flier is unusual.

Deca.... soon.  :)


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