REVisions 1.3.1, November 3rd, 1997

Ok, I forgot a few things in my mad haste to actually get a REVisions out
the email door...

So, first off, my apologies for the truly gruesome text formatting of that
last one. I if, anyone, should know better as my full time day job is
wrapped up in email services for large companies. So, shame on me, I
promise to -not- do that again. For others wishing to avoid such a hideous
trap, the trick is to let you email package wrap the end of lines wherever
it wants to, do not force carriage returns to get what you "think" will be
pretty formatting.

Secondly, being that one of the prime reasons I haven't sent many of these
REVisions lists out is that there simply has not been a whole pile of
input, past from myself, Penny and Sam Ritter. The easiest way to get my
guilty conscience in gear and get a letter out more frequently is to fill
my inbox with Rev related stuff so I look at it and go...oooo my, time to
get another newsletter out. So, in order to have your question,
observation, rant or otherwise onto the NEXT mailing, simply send a note to
me, using any of my known addresses (to be listed at some other time) or
use and use a subject of revisions.

So, perhaps a general question to get things rolling along a bit more

What types of quad line kites inhabit your kite bag?

Let's get a general look at what people are flying and how many of them
they own. The person with the most Revs will get some honorary title that
we can dream up at some later date. So, currently in my collection of quads
there is the following :

     1 Rev 1.5
	 1 Rev II
	 1 Rev 1

(and a lot of handles. I had sworn by the 1.5 handles, but Penny is
gradually swaying me over to using the SUL handles for everything, and I do
like my 3D handles a lot too...)

     1 SUL TC Ultra

(actually my first quad. While I like the kite a lot, I usually fly it as a
dual now, prefering to fly the Revs)

     1 Zero Wind Synergy Deca

(fairly new, fairly wierd kite, at least for me so far. But, I have had
better success flying this inside over my Revs)

And, line wise, I -usually- fly on my 50 foot set of Berry Blue Line 80#
which was FAR too much money, but, looks kinda neat. Invisible on grass
though...If the wind really picks up (12+MPH in Vancouver), I'll go to
either 75 feet or 100 feet of 80# Spectra.

And, I am still dying to get my new Rev, but
does have a lovely B&W picture of one now...

And, Penny managed to get in a new note rather quickly as well...

From: Steven n Penny Lingenfelter 
Subject: Revisions

*Indoor New Move*
I've found a new move I call the "Guillotine Launch".  The Revolution is
laying face down in a dead launch, leading edge >faces you.  Jerking up and
in (little) on the handles will *slice* the kite face down through the air
and behind you to pop >inverted (upside down, leading edge down)  behind
you and fly away!  All in about 1 second one to three inches above >your
head!   I'm using about 10 ft. of line, but longer and shorter can be done
also. It's a real clean, sharp move!  >People's mouth just drop open.  It's
easy! Try it!  
Sliding Revolutions outside.  
After learning up and down and stop, pull both handles using your arms,
hands, *whatever it takes, to slide your >Revolution to the left and then
to the right, leading edge facing 12:00.  It is so simple!  Soon you can
slide your Rev. >anywhere in the air as you fly pivots, on tip, or any
other maneuver!  Any quesiontions e-mail me :) 

Broken Spars ~thread and epoxy wrapped snugly around.  People,  who can
give us information on their spar repairing >techniques?  Please send in
any experiences you have had.  
I have found that a  split spar can fly inside.  The pressure is not
strong enough to bend it.  

And thus ends the second REVisions in two days....

(using proper sig this time...)

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