REVisions 1.3, November 2nd, 1997

Oh, bad bad me once more. After vowing to get the REVisions list out more
frequently LAST month, I allowed it to lapse even further this month. But,
I do have good excuses so am I somewhat forgiven? Between work stuff and
musical stuff and very little kite stuff I managed to fritter away all of
November, so I'll attempt to make up for it and tentatively say that I'll
get a REVisions mailed out once a week for the next while, provided there is content...

During the last month, a few people managed to mail stuff in...

Penny Lingenfelter writes in :

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 16:36:47 -0800
From: Steven n Penny Lingenfelter 
Subject: Revisions

Hi Dave, How are you?  It was a good introduction page!  
Ice skating and rev. flying?  It would be nice if I could skate.. I
think it would be harder to learn then learning to fly the rev. inside.
If you could skate, it seems like it would be perfect conditions.
I just bought some costumes to go with my music indoors.  My thinking is
shimmer and shine because the audience will not be close. I have pink
hair in a bob wig.  Really cute!  It can used for retro, punk, or
mystical.  Along with blue mylar hair, and long silver mylar hair.  I
like being known for my style of hat, this compensates and leaves me
with a small sense of privacy :)  

I have white silk coattails with white tights, and various under
costumes for that.  Silver bangles, mask, etc.  A Devil outfit that can
be converted to Valentines Day. Nine pieces complete with red silk long
gloves, tail and horn.. cape, etc.  It's perfect.  
An Irish dress cut like a maid costume.  It is green with white
shamrocks on it.  (They will look like little dots in the black light) 
white apron, green garters, pantaloons, and granny hat.. with white
ruffles.  I have some good Irish music.  I've started looking at that
sonics floor-plotting my route :)  To much fun!  Teenagers are
impressed.. Husband is impressed.. Lol I just thought I'd share that
with you ;)  Well I should go.. I will see you soon.  best Breezes,

From Howard Gorden :

Date: Tue, 9 Dec 1997 09:07:22 -0500
From: Howard Gordon <>
Subject: REVisions email newsletter

Hi David,
        I would like to sucscribe to the email newsletter.
        Penny on rec.kites said ask questions so is this the time:
                How do you axel a Rev??

        Thanks Howard Gordon

Being that I do not have a clue about axeling Revs, I am pretty sure that
at least one person on this list might know...

And finally, Sam Ritter wrote in regarding the new Revs :

Date: Mon, 03 Nov 1997 17:22:54 -0500
From: Sam Ritter 
Subject: REVisions

I got to fly both prototypes at the convention!  I was doing stuff that
the Hadzicki's didn't know could be done with a Rev much less the new 
Rev.  The new Rev, "Speed Revolution" is much faster and has much 
more pull than the RevI.  It takes much less control input for turns and

Examples of the differences in the kite from the current generation:
- Stops in power dives are much more solid than with current Revs. The stop is a dead cold stop.
There is no motion in the kite unless you make it move!

- Tricks are much easier to do:  Axles, flic-flaks, float-outs, etc. The kite can be javelin launched on 75' lines!

- The new kite is much quicker in turns.

- The new kite flies much quicker in all directions.  Reverse, sideways, forwards.

I just can't wait for mine!!!  I want it now.

I feel much the same way, having preorder one each of the new Revs from
Gone With the Wind Kites, located on the web at . Dan Whitney
estimates that they will cost around $180 - $200 for each, kite only. I am hoping to
have mine before the New Year, but it might be early January before they start shipping.

My personal Rev stuff includes the purchase of a Rev 1 just recently. I
have always wanted to own the complete family and the 1 now completes that for me. Nice kite,
much like the 1.5 and the II, it has it's own personality and I now fully understand what
they mean when they say the that 1.5 is sort of like a 1 and sort of like a II. I also
picked up a Zero Wind Synergy Deca in Seattle recently. Very Rev like as a quad line, but there
are certainly some substantial differences as well, for example, the Deca really could
care less which direction it is flying in, it behaves pretty much the same, backwards and
forwards. I'll probably looking to add a regular Deca to my burgeoning quad line aviary,
probably either a Deca 6 or a Deca 15 to get a better idea what this kite is like in higher

And that's it for now....

Any questions, submissions, or complaints can be forwarded to for inclusion into the next REVisions.

thanks again, and good winds to you all...

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