REVisions 1.1, November 2nd, 1997

My apologies for the long delays in actually getting this list running.
Life has been a real temptest lately making it difficult to get anything
happening, let alone a new mailing list. However, excuses aside...

The majordomo mailing list software is now installed and running, in a test
mode while I get the quirks out of it, so, for this issue and probably at
least one more, it'll be done thru my Eudora setup at home. So far, there
are 13 of us on the list. If desired and agreed to by all, I'll post a list
of the addresses of who is here. The response to the 1st mailing was
somewhat sporadic (thank you Penny!), so, I'll assume everyone got it and
were just feeling a bit tongue tied.

I have decided to do the list in a digest format, ie, thelist will simply
collect posts, and whenever there is enough to justify sending it out to
everyone, it'll go out. There are a few distinct advantages to this type of
mailing list, primarily a lack of "constant" traffic, and significantly
less overhead, except for me, who has to compile the mail into one digest.
Ah well...

So, if you have questions, comments, ideas, Rev games, news, pictures of
the new prototype, etc, simply send a piece of email to
and I'll start collecting for the next mailing.

A few Rev ideas that have been on my mind lately....

Revs and figure skating :

	So, am I really the first person to think of this? Surely someone bright
light has figured out that flying a Rev, indoors in a skating rink would be
REALLY cool, provided you could skate backwards really well. Unfortunately,
I can't skate to save my life, otherwise I'd be trying this in a SECOND.
Anyone ever run into anyone else with this idea? I'd imagine short, short
lines, ie, 15 feet, and probably a II for size more than anything else...

Rev Prototype

	Being that various bits of news and even some pics have snuck out re: the
NEXT Revolutions, has anybody actually gotten to FLY one? Purportedly, they
had two of them in evidence at the Wildwood AKA convention, and, I did see
one (a red and black) at World Cup, but, I'll suppose I'll buy no matter
what anyone says, as soon as they are available. The Hadzickis seem to be
thinking January 98 for the release of this kite... For those who haven't
heard a word about this, the new design is very similiar to a Rev with the
bottoms flattened out, and two extra spars to compensate for the now-two
corners on each wing. Various people have reported them to be very fast in
forwards and reverse, and, one of the two prototypes pulled quite hard. Any
other opinions? From what I saw at World Cup, the new kite backed up VERY
fast, and quite stable, but, then again, it was Dave Brittain flying it...

So, there's a few conversation starters. As I said, input on this list from
all involved is what will make it work, so, send your comments, questions,
etc to and you'll see it in the next digest, originally
named "1.3"

smile, and good winds...


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