REVisions 1.0, the first mailing...
Welcome to the inaugural mailing from the (proposed title) REVisions
mailing list.....

All of you (that's 8 people at this point) expressed interest in a Rev/quad
line focussed mailing list, thus, once I felt that there was enough people
together, I decided to get this underway. At this point, it's simply a
Eudora based list, but, by the end of the weekend, it will be running
through a "proper" Majordomo style mailing list. Until that magical moment,
if there is any response from this first mailing, I'll simply compile them
into a single note and send them out in a digest format.

All the names so far have been gleaned out of the #kites people, namely,

Mad Chef, rkd2, mnky-by (me), pigdog, revguy, yikester, and q half away

SO, if you know of others who'd like to be involved, get me their address.

Since the 8 of us get to be the "founders", we get first dibs on initial

1] Title    REVisions? Go with that for a list title? I had very few other
ideas for a list name. I think the only other name that stuck was
"REVelations" so if anyone has any other good ideas, pipe up!

2] Any desire to allow chatter about purported "other" quad line kites? TC
Ultra is the only "other" quad I have experience with.

3] Obligatory web page for the list soon to follow....

The focus of the list will be pretty straight forward, anything involving
Revs. Ideas, tips, for sale, gossip, new ways for me to get all tangled up
playing throw and catch, etc.

There are two ways to handle a list like this, either as an "instant"
gratification thing, ie, you send a note, and it goes to the entire list
immediately, or as a "digest format", where we'll wait till X amount of
postings are submitted, and then send them as one message. I usually prefer
digests, just to solidify the email load into one chunk, but, I'll with
your preferences.

Nice chatting with all of you, I'm going out to fly my II.


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